The University of Liverpool was proud host to the One Health National Student Conference on Saturday 10th November 2018, and I was lucky enough to attend along with fellow veterinary students and medical students. The day featured a whole host of talks on pressing topics, all related to the breakthrough approach to healthcare involving Medical professionals, Veterinarians and other scientists, working together to the promote the highest possible standard of public health: ‘One Health’.

Throughout the day, current issues spanning a wide spectrum were discussed, including; antibiotic resistance; the link between animal and child abuse; zoonoses, and healthcare interventions in third world countries. These talks were engaging and thought-provoking and received justified high praise from their audiences. Many of the attendees admitted that they were “really surprised by the high quality of the event”, despite its low cost, with many feeling re-enthused about their subject; a rekindled love for their sector, by being presented with alternative options in terms of career paths, that a clinical science qualification can offer. I personally enjoyed hearing from Amy Lewis, representing ‘Mission Rabies’, and being reminded of the magnitude of the effect health professionals can have on communities in third world countries through vaccination and education, which we in the U.K. take for granted.

The positive feedback and overall success of the day was a credit to Laura Turner, IVSA Veterinary Public Health Officer and third year Liverpool vet student. She and her committee had thought of everything to create this immaculately organised, enjoyable, inspiring and informative learning opportunity for clinical science students nationwide. The social the night before the conference was a huge success, giving students a chance to get to know each other, and the event’s catering, courtesy of a Syrian refugee, which served an ethical benefit, as did providing reusable flasks as opposed to disposable cups.

Overall, the One Health Conference 2018 proved to be a fantastic opportunity and amazing experience for everybody involved. It was an opportunity to showcase the organisational skills and dedication of the students at the University of Liverpool as well as celebrate our lecturers’ expertise in their fields. This event played its part successfully in raising awareness and interest in a really important, up-and-coming topic: One Health.