A group of students from the new People and Planet Society have been campaigning against the University’s new Ethical Investment Policy on campus this morning for Fossil Free National Day of Action. To raise awareness of the issue, the group conducted a banner drop from the Guild as well as giving out information to students on campus and encouraging them to get involved. They have released a statement:

‘We are a group of students from the University of Liverpool campaigning for social and environmental justice. Today is Fossil Free National Day of Action.

Our University invests over £11 million of their funds into supporting the fossil fuel industry. The extraction and use of fossil fuels causes devastation across the globe; ruining livelihoods, displacing vulnerable people, and destroying our natural environment. Not to mention its disproportionate impact on climate change. By supporting these powerful companies our university is complicit in this devastation. We oppose the irresponsible use of our tuition fees and are concerned by the institution’s lack of social responsibility. Withdrawing financial and moral backing for this climate-wrecking industry is crucial to tackling climate change.

Sixty-eight UK universities have committed to withdrawing their investments from the fossil fuel industry. Liverpool is behind the curve, we call on them to take action and divest.

We are working to re-establish Liverpool’s People & Planet society. Support us and stay updated on our campaigns by following our social media channels.’

Guild President Rory Hughes has released a statement commending the University’s divestment from arms and coal & tar sand but stressed ‘there is still work to be done’. He emphasises that the University will still ‘continue to invest millions of pounds into companies that produce oil and gas’ and encourages the management to follow the examples of other Russell Group universities such as ‘Glasgow, Warwick, Nottingham, who have all committed to full divestment from fossil fuels’.

If you are interested in campaigning for this issue you can get in touch with Guild Deputy President Hannah Nguyen (hannah.nguyen@liverpool.ac.uk). The People and Planet society will also be holding their first meeting on the 12th December at 5.30pm in the Guild (room TBC). You can find out more about the society on their Facebook and Twitter.


Photography by Lucy Wynne