What can you do with £10? Your weekly shop perhaps?  Or buy three pints to reward yourself after a long day of studying? Even better you could spend your £10 on a fantastic SolidariTee, showing your support for refugees. So far the campaign has raised nearly £48,000, this year SolidariTee is on track for even more success.

What is SolidariTee?

SolidariTee is a student led campaign and fundraiser with a two-fold mission. The organisation aims to give financial support to legal-aid NGOs and spread awareness about refugee issues through a photo campaign.

From her experience working as a translator in Greece, SolidariTee’s founder Tiara Sahar Ataii knows that the best way to make a lasting change to the lives of refugees in through the provision of legal aid. Every person has the right to access legal information, but this is not available to many refugees. Without this, many refugees face getting caught in a never ending legal limbo during the asylum process. Far too often a person deserving of asylum is deported. Every £10 T-Shirt sold by SolidariTee is directly assisting the legal aid effort.

SolidariTee strives to bring media attention to the refugee crisis. Mainstream media tends to underreport on refugee issues. To combat this, SolidariTee harnesses the power of social media to spread awareness. Last year over 250 people, students and public figures alike, proudly posted photographs of themselves in their SolidariTee shirts on social media. MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas pledged their support and Douglas Booth even stopped for a photo!

SolidariTee goes global

2018 is a big year for SolidariTee as the team is growing to become a grant-giving organisation, supporting a variety of NGOs with the early stages of their development. Since SolidariTee was founded in 2017, the campaign has drawn global attention. From the organisations beginnings at Cambridge University, SolidariTee has spread to 25 different Universities around the UK. This year SolidariTee has gone international, with teams forming in US, France and Australia.

For the second year running University of Liverpool has formed a regional SolidariTee team. A group of 16 students from varying courses will be selling the limited edition shirts across campus. T-Shirts come in two designs, both of which are simultaneously meaningful and funky. The graphics were designed by the talented artist, Dar Al Naim.

These two striking images are intended to bring attention to the struggles of forced migration. They are reminiscent of the images we see surrounding the refugee crisis; boats, figures and water. The designs remind us that the ‘refugee crisis’ is formed of individual people who deserve our empathy. It is easy to forget each unique story when the refugee crisis is discussed using numbers alone. Dar Al Naim felt moved to create these images following the deaths of refugees crossing the Mediterranean, many of whom came from her home country of Sudan. Please read more about the inspiring work of Dar Al Naim on the SolidariTee website.

How to get involved

Need a new T-Shirt? Why not make your money go further? Specifically, into the hands of those who need it, the refugees seeking asylum in Greece and Turkey.

Here at The Sphinx, we are getting involved with the SolidariTee campaign. On Wednesday 21st November representatives from SolidariTee will attend our weekly meeting at 4pm in the Library Room of the Guild. This will be an opportunity to get your hands on the SolidariTees, donate to campaign and ask any questions you may have about the work of SolidariTee.

If you would like to buy a T-Shirt, then please contact annadotscott@gmail.com and you will be put in touch with a member of our Liverpool Solidarity team. Please like the SolidariTee Facebook page and stay up to date with all the latest SolidariTee news: @teesofsolidarity.

SolidariTee also have Twitter! Give them a follow at @SolidariTeeUK

For more SolidariTee information check out the website. You can buy T-shirts from DEPOP by following a link in the website: https://www.solidaritee.org.uk/

Finally please share this article and speak to all your friends, families and next-door-neighbours about SolidariTee!