Once the Christmas season is over and the exams and deadlines have been long forgotten, make sure to visit the Double Fantasy exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool for an inspiring start to the new year.

The exhibition opened in May 2018 and will be closing on the 22nd April 2019. The inspiring exhibition tells the tale of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s story. They used their fame and love for one another to campaign for human rights and peace globally. The exhibition features art work, personal objects, music, photographs and interactive elements where you can leave your mark. It also includes some pieces from Yoko’s own personal collection which have never been exhibited before.

A beautiful and moving exhibition that celebrates the projects, art, music and life that John and Yoko shared. Starting with a detailed and thoughtful insight into the lives of an avant-garde artist and global music star before their first meeting, the exhibits go on to explore their activist projects, interviews and family life.