The Live A Better Life Vegan Fair took place on Saturday 24th November in Mountford Hall at the University of Liverpool, and it was a treat for the eyes (as well as the stomach). I was overwhelmed with the huge selection of food available, from sweet treats such as ice cream, donuts and cakes to savoury meals like burgers and Chinese food. After about half an hour of trying to decide what to sample, I decided upon a tofu and noodle dish for lunch, and a triple chocolate brownie afterwards.

Sweet Treats

There was a huge selection of beautiful vegan cupcakes available from a number of sellers. There was also a wide range of donut flavours that were amazing to look at. All of the treats were homemade by the stall owners.

Tried and tested…

I had a mountain of noodles alongside a mild tofu dish for my lunch, and this enormous portion was very reasonably priced at just £8. My boyfriend bought a chocolate orange donut to try, which he rated very highly. My friend opted for a classic custard donut which was apparently just as delicious. I bought the heavenly triple chocolate brownie which was the best brownie I have ever tasted! It was so indulgent that I had to save half of it to eat the next day.

Brownie Heaven

Pictured below is a selection of varieties of brownie such as a biscoff brownie, red velvet oreo brownie and a bourbon brownie.


The fair was a vegan’s idea of heaven, with no stress of having to check ingredients and knowing that absolutely every product was safe to eat. If you missed out on this year’s event and are having food envy after seeing these treats, then the next event is on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at St. Georges Hall!

For more information about the event and LABL, follow the link.