The Sphinx recently visited Punch Tarmey’s to try their new food menu, located on the corner of Cains Brewery. The Irish pub serves hearty food, in a relaxed environment, with live sports, comedy and music events throughout the week.

The Venue

Punch Tarmey’s can host an impressive number of guests, up to a thousand, in their unique 15,000 sq ft space, so the pub was incredibly spacious, with lots of different types of seating arrangements to suit all party sizes. Also, there are booths which you can reserve, each have their own TV so it is perfect to get the best view to watch sports. The music was up to date, chilled vibes with Irish bands such as U2 and other rock/indie tunes. The bar was extensive, with a pleasing variety of drink choices and a big surface for lots of people to stand around when busy.


The Food and Drink

To start, we ordered 3 starters to share between the three of us. Cajun Halloumi Fries (Veggie) – (£4.95), Bubble and Squeak Cakes (Vegan/Gluten-free) – (£4.95) and Breaded Chicken Goujons (£4.95). If you fancied a light lunch or a meal to share, you can choose any 3 from the ‘Round One’ section for just £13. The fries weren’t very stringy which is the usual texture of halloumi fries, if anything a little chewy, but the flavour was very tasty. The portion size of the bubble and squeak cakes was generous and the chicken goujons were tender and well cooked. The starter’s were definitely worth the price and satisfied my hunger just the right amount before the mains arrived.

Punch Tarmey’s Liverpool has an incredible array of burgers to choose from. But we wanted to diverge and see what other hearty and equally appetizing mains they have on offer. I ordered the 6oz Rump steak (£15.95) which came with mushroom confit, grilled tomato, chips and a garlic herb butter. The steak was cooked to my preference which was medium, the chips were so yummy and the butter was full of flavour. I really enjoyed my meal, it was just the right portion size for me and I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the food for the price of the meal.

“I ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast (£7.95), which came with portobello mushroom, hash browns, two fried eggs, two vegetarian sausages, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. I loved the idea of having breakfast for dinner and the hash browns lived up to my expectations being crispy and warm. The eggs were cooked so the yolk was perfectly runny. The waiter and chef were very understanding of my dietary needs and I was able to enjoy my meal knowing I was catered for.” – Holly Benning. Both our mains arrived without the grilled tomatoes.

“The Ultimate Chippy Tea (£9.95) arrived and included all the British favourites. The burger consisted of a beer battered cod loin and chunky chips, sandwiched between a brioche bun which was spread with tartare sauce. The burger was huge and was hard to handle without a knife and fork, but is ideal to wash down with a beer, to cure a hangover or to satisfy your hunger. As a lover of tartare sauce, the amount was tangy, just the right amount and was the best I have ever tasted. The meal was accompanied by more chunky chips, mushy peas, coleslaw and a slice of lemon. For only £9.95, the meal was extremely filling and definitely worth the price.” – Jess Molyneux







For ‘The Final Bell” I ordered the warm chocolate slice with vanilla ice cream (£4.95) and Jess ordered the Irish Mess (£4.95). Unfortunately, there were no vegan deserts available so we hope that the next time we visit, there will be more options especially as Holly would of loved to have indulged in a desert to end her meal. The chef was kind enough to also offer us a taste of their brownies, which haven’t quite made it onto the menu yet but I hope it does as it was the nicest brownie I have eaten out! It was so gooey and still warm so the ice cream was just starting to melt – it was like tasting a piece from chocolate heaven. The chocolate slice was thick with a rich, chocolate icing and a strawberry coulis filling which made it even sweeter but it gave a sharp taste too.

“I ordered the Irish Mess for £4.95, a play on the traditional Eton Mess, but with Pogue’s whiskey infused cream. The cream overpowered the dessert and was a nice change from the meringue being the featured ingredient. It was a lot more whipped and creamy, but was complimented by the sweet bursts of the berries. The Irish Mess is ideal if you have a sweet tooth or are looking for something light, but still filling. I would definitely recommend it and have it again.” – Jess Molyneux

The girls ordered diet cokes and cokes all night, but I ventured into their gin selection from the bar. I explained to the waiter that I liked a fruity gin and he recommended a rhubarb and ginger flavour. As I am not overly keen on tonic water, I opted for soda water instead. The glass was full with ice and slices of lemon, raspberries, strawberries and juniper berries which gave such a refreshing taste to the drink, I would 100% order that gin again and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a flavoured gin.

Overall, we had such a lovely evening in a relaxed and chilled environment. The staff were so accommodating and friendly which put us at ease. Now that I know they show live sports, I would definitely go and watch a game with some friends. It is the perfect place to eat some wholesome food, socialise with people and enjoy the vibe of an authentic Irish pub.



Punch Tarmey’s
31 Grafton Street
L8 5SD

Phone: +44 151 315 0575



Twitter: @TarmeysPunch