The Spymonkey cast, comprising of Toby Park, Petra Massey, Aitor Basauri and Sophie Russell, return to Liverpool for a spectacular new take on a familiar Christmas tale. One hundred and seventy five years after its publication, A Christmas Carol remains as popular and poignant as ever, with new productions in abundance across the country year after year. Spymonkey’s fresh and funky new spin on the story we know so well is, quite simply, a breath of fresh air.

Credit: Johan Persson

This modern, comedic and absurd new twist on Dickens’ festive classic is hilarious and surprising throughout. Who knew Ebenezer Scrooge belting out Radiohead to close Act One would feel quite so charming? Spymonkey’s script includes plenty of physical comedy and silly gags which are performed expertly by the cast. The four actors certainly had their work cut out for them, running on and off stage to fulfil the characterisation of every Cratchit child, ghosts past, present and future in addition to all of the supporting roles. This is executed with obvious exasperation and is exaggerated to perfection, meeting with plentiful laughs from the entire audience.

Credit: Johan Persson

Wildly bizarre scenes include carol singers performing Oops Upside Your Head and a Wacky Cuban Drug Lord Mr Fezziwig which will have you in amazement at just how far they can stretch Dickens’ narrative. The voice of Dickens, played wonderfully by Basauri, opens and closes the show with the same zany humour as the rest of the production, but with an added touch of sentimentality that ensures this version of A Christmas Carol retains the heart-warming message of the original.

A laugh-a-minute comedy for the whole family to enjoy over the festive period.

A Christmas Carol is on at the Playhouse until January 12th. Buy your tickets here.