Make sure your passport is valid and your bank account is filled with plenty of funds because The Sphinx has the top travel destinations for 2019.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of bikes is also best known for its innovative design and Nordic cuisine. Copenhagen is world famous for its chic architecture which can be seen in its slick design of The Opera House. But don’t forget about the old architecture that fills the city with traditionally stunning buildings that blend with the new perfectly. To fully experience everything Danish, make sure to try their fresh crispy Danish pastries which are only the best in their home country. If you haven’t already been convinced to visit this beautiful location then Copenhagen is one of the cleanest cities with its strict recycling, amount of green spaces to be found in the city and number of cyclists. It is a place where you can feel at ease with a quiet and calm atmosphere. If you have the spare time after immersing yourself in all the culture the city has to offer, then you can relax in the Tivoli Gardens. This quaint park in the middle of the city will make you feel like you have walked right into the middle of a movie. Nyhavn is also a must-see while in the city, the famous coloured buildings as featured in the photograph above are beautifully characteristic of the bright and vibrant city.

Zadar, Croatia

The south of Croatia was a favourite place to visit for many travellers last year, but this year why not head to north in Zadar. An area still relatively undiscovered, rich in history and natural beauty where you can wander the streets without crowds of tourists. Three national parks – Parklenica, Plitvice Lakes and Krka – offer the most memorable experiences including rock climbing and swimming in the waterfalls and lakes. Krka National Park is close by where visitors can take a short cruise up the emerald Krka river to Skradinski Buk, a swimming area below the crescent of waterfalls. Not to mention Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest destinations with around 12 hours of sunshine during May and June. This idyllic destination is only a short plane journey away making it a lot faster to get to meaning you can make the most of that sunshine. And finally The Game of Thrones appeal, fans can get the authentic experience visiting the locations from famous scenes in the series. Alternatively, if you’re more of a music fan then Croatia hosts world-class music festivals. OutlookSonus and Fresh Island Festival are just some that bring the crowds of festival goers to the beaches.

Meknès, Morocco

This scenic hilltop city is the new Marrakesh and is ready to rival destinations as the best place to visit this year. Specialist souks and markets selling crafts, textiles, chillies and olives within the imperial city add to the laid-back atmosphere. A Meknès must see is the Bab el-Mansour gate which is grand and beautiful in design with its green and white zellij tiles and marble columns. Its winding medina streets and ancient buildings characterise this bustling and enchanting city made even more enjoyable by the non-existent crowds that fill nearby Fez.

Madrid, Spain

A city abundant in culture and history, there really is no reason not to visit this little beauty in the year ahead. To get a sense of the city, a walk along the Gran Vía is the best place to start. It is the life of the city where shopping and culture go hand in hand. Another one of Madrid’s must sees is the Plaza Mayor, a picturesque renaissance square. Order a slightly overpriced coffee and sit and watch the true character of the city come to life. A top tip is to keep your Sunday free to visit the El Rastro, the largest flea market in Madrid with 3,500 stalls selling everything old and new.

Sri Lanka

A tropical paradise with its beautiful beaches, rainforests and mountainous landscape makes Sri Lanka the ideal destination for an adventure holiday. Located in the Indian Ocean, between India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka offers a wealth of culture, history and charm. Sri Lanka’s abundance of wildlife including blue whales, elephants and leopards are just some of nature’s beauty you’ll be able to witness. Visit the Dambulla Buddha caves which are filled with statues and paintings, before exploring the tea plantations on treks up Ella Rock for the scenic views. Or, if you prefer a surfing and partying holiday then this is the place for you too. Arugam Bay offers you golden sandy beaches for the long hot days and the summer nights can be filled with beach parties.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This option is a little closer to home. A more affordable destination and without the hassle of airport security, long queues and cramped plane journeys. Edinburgh was on the top of my list of cities to visit in Europe in 2018 but unfortunately I was never able to make the time to book a weekend away. So, with the start of a new year I have decided to dedicate a weekend to explore this cosmopolitan city. With only 48 hours to spare, I have to fit in exploring a whole city in just two days. First on my list is Edinburgh’s most iconic attraction, Edinburgh Castle, where you can see the Crown Jewels, Stone of Destiny and the castle’s ancient dungeons. At 1pm there is the shooting for the One o’clock Gun, a tradition that dates back to 1861. Another famous spot that is a must-see is St Giles’ Cathedral, a crown-spired cathedral that is filled with the most beautiful glass-stained windows. Discover everything at the historic heart of Edinburgh along The Royal Mile where landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse can be found. This exciting city can be reached by train in only two short hours. So, don’t splash your cash on extravagant holidays when you have Edinburgh only a matter of hours away waiting to be discovered.

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