At the start of 2019 a lot of us began changing to healthier eating habits especially with new trends like Veganuary and it’s fair to say making healthier choices can take a lot of dedication. So, The Sphinx have picked a few of our favourite health and fitness instagram accounts for you to follow when you need that extra dose of motivation or just some healthy food and fitness inspiration!



Sarah’s Day

Sarah’s day or Sezzy, as known to her thousands of followers, creates Instagram posts that are quite frankly always Instagram GOALS. Her natural and holistic diet and way of life gives her feed an envious but also care-free feel. Her captions give viewers a great insight into her thoughts and reasoning behind why she eats, in a subtle way without making you feel bad for not having a healthy diet 100% of the time. Sarah creates recipes and lifestyle advice on her feed as well as on her youtube channel ‘Sarah’s Day’.



The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

With 2.5 million followers it’s easy to see why many hit the follow button for Joe Wicks. He makes eating healthy look effortless as well as posting transformation photos of individuals who have used his fitness plans and a few inspirational videos to brighten your feed (and your day).



Lucy Watson

The former Made in Chelsea star has one of the best vegan Instagram accounts. Her feed includes; making recipes from her own book, Feed me Vegan for all Occasions, to showing her frozen food range in Waitrose as well as gorgeous snippets from her London restaurant, Tell Your Friends. Her projection of veganism highlights the easy and attainable way to eat a plant-based diet and would be a great account to follow if you’re trying to become vegan or if you just want to see some great dishes!




Grace Fit UK

Grace is a 22 year old Oxford student who has recently hit a million followers on Instagram. Followers get a glimpse of her student life, more so in her vlogs on her youtube channel ‘GraceFitUK,’ as well as her vegan meal ideas and fitness workout routines to follow at home or in the the gym. From managing her own business to studying at university, Grace is definitely the ultimate GIRL BOSS.


Nutrition Stripped – McKel

This light and minimalist feed is everything you need for those calming vibes. With over 300, ooo thousand followers, McKel has created an online community for nutrition and well being.


Minimalist Baker

The perfect feed for plant based everyday meals but also for those sweet treat cravings.


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