While it may have seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2019, it already seems like the summer holidays are looming, with  summer festivals across the UK releasing their ever-awaited lineups. But between the early-bird releases, and the not-so-student-friendly prices, it can be hard to know which of the seemingly thousands of festival is sure to give you a bang for your buck. So, here at The Sphinx, we’ve put together a list of festivals, you may not have come across, but you’ll be sure not to miss.

End Of The Road

Held in the beautiful Lamar Tree Gardens, this smaller, but noteworthy festival, is one that has great song writing at its core. The festival centres around no particular style of music, but simply decides who’s on by whatever ‘excites’ the organisers, and with artists such as Metronomy, Jarvis Cocker and Let’s Eat Grandma set to headline, it’s clear that this year proves no different. Even better, no VIP spaces means that often artists will be seen wandering about, resulting in spontaneous performances throughout the weekend. You can get tickets for the festival here.

How the Light Gets In 

If you want a festival with a variety of experiences, this is the one for you. ‘How the Light Gets In’ is the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, bringing together writers, musicians and comedians together for a weekend that’s sure to inspire. From engaging debates and DJ sets, to stand-up and live music, this festival has something to please everyone, making it a must-go of this year. You can find out more about the festival here.

Black Deer 

Fans of country music, look no further. Describing themselves as “born from passion, and built from experience,” Black Deer Festival is a relatively new festival that is set to bring the best of the country and folk scene, with bands such as ‘Band of Horses’ ‘John Buster Trio’ and ‘The Staves’ set to headline this years event. Held in Edridge Park, Kent, the festival promises a relaxed, fun weekend of music, that celebrates all things Americana. Get more information on the festival here.


A lot of festivals claim to offer something a bit different, but few are unique as Bluedot. Held in the Jodrell Bank Observatory, this festival is where music and art meet space. Offering up a range of expert talks and live experiments, the festival also has a killer lineup consisting of a range of styles and generations, with ‘Kraftwek’ and ‘New Order’ headlining this year. It’s truly a festival where two worlds collide, and certainly not one to miss. You can get tickets on their website.


Though smaller than the regular dance festival, Gottwood is not one to underestimate. The 4-day festival is known for delivering the best of EDM artists, both upcoming and well-known, all while being set in the lush woodlands of the Welsh countryside. With artists such as Hunee,  Craig Richards, and  Margaret Dygas set to play, the festival is also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and is set to be a fun-filled weekend where you can dance the night away among the trees. Find out more information here.