Indie-pop band whenyoung graced the stage of the Deaf Institute in Manchester on Sunday, as part of their latest UK tour. Kitted in their signature primary colours, the Irish trio, consisting of vocalist/bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns and drummer Andrew Flood began the night with their song ‘Pretty Pure’, a lively soon-to-be indie classic.  The opening of the gig proved to be a strong one, with the first track getting the crowd instantly moving, and settling everyone in for a night of live music.

The band was quick to follow their infectious opener with ‘Heaven on Earth’, a memorable, upbeat song, that ensured a massive reaction from the already engaged crowd. As the night continued, it was clear that the band were not afraid of emotional subject matter. Amidst the infectious melodies, a multitude of the bands works seemed to focus on more serious topics. Standouts included ‘Never Let Go,’ an uplifting, yet moving track that focused on mental health, and ‘The Others’ a song written after the events of Grenfell tower. The depth behind such heavy tracks was handled beautifully by the group, with lead singer Aoife Power perfectly capturing the emotion behind each song, while guitarist Niall Burns, and drummer Andrew Flood delivered slick, yet powerful backing. The band also premiered some new tracks such as ‘A Labour of Love’ and ‘Future’, both soon to be on the band’s debut album, which is set to release in May of this year. Packed full of engaging lyrics and some impressively detailed instrumentals, the new tracks were received with open arms by the crowd, who showed their appreciation through yells of excitement, and dancing as the night wore on.

As the night drew to a close, the band changed the mood dramatically with the more intimate song, ‘Sleeper’. This softer track certainly demonstrated the band’s versatility, with the mix of Aoife’s vocals, along with the subtle, but effective acoustic guitar, proving surprisingly haunting. Finally, the group finished off their set with ‘Given Up’, a 90’s inspired belter, which proved to be the perfect song on which to end, leaving the whole room dancing as the band said their final farewells. Overall, the night showed the sheer talent of the small group, who proved they could still engage a crowd, while staying true to their unique blend of indie-folk-pop. Although fairly new, whenyoung are a band heading for the top, and upon seeing them live, it’s not hard to see why.

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