A set of talks discussing identity, black history and liberation are currently taking place at The Guild of Students. These important sessions will feature guest lecturers, providing insight into topics so often neglected by the British education system. Students have the exciting chance to expand their knowledge of subjects outside of their degree. Regardless of your current course, these talks are sure to be eye-opening as they tackle issues surrounding identity, black history and liberation.

From Emancipation to Windrush – Dr Christienna Frya

The first lecture, held in February, was given by University of Liverpool’s very own Dr Christienna Fryar. Dr Fryar a scholar of empire, race and slavery delivered an interesting discussion on the current Windrush scandal in the UK, as well as the British Civil Rights movement and the emancipation of black people in the UK.

Intersectionality and Its Mis-use – Dr Azeezat Johnson

The second lecture will be delivered by Dr Azeezat Johnson, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. The talk will focus on intersectionality and Black Muslim women’s clothing practices. Dr Johnson’s research interests lie in critical race studies, Black feminism, Muslim women and Islamophobia. The talk also looks at Hortense Spillers’ work on the American grammar book of race. This will encourage us to think about intersectionality and Black Muslim women within a ‘British grammar of race’.

Venue: The McAusland Room – Liverpool Guild of Students      Start Date: Tuesday 05-03-2019 – 18:30

Discrimination as a virus – Dr Iyiola Solanke

The final talk will be held by Dr Iyiola Solanke, a Professor in the Centre for Law and Social Justice at the University of Leeds. As well as being the current Chair in EU Law and Social Justice, Dr Solanke and has been published a number of times. Her most recent work ‘Discrimination as Stigma’, was released in 2017. The talk will focus on the continuing problem of discrimination that has endured in-spite-of the 50 year old anti-discrimination law in the UK. Dr Solanke will explore the reasons for this persistence and offer her suggestions to improve the anti-discrimination law.

Venue: The Mandela Room – Liverpool Guild of Students    Start Date: Monday 01-04-2019 – 18:30

Vice President of The Guild, Esther Bukoye, stated that;

“Students pay thousands of pounds every year to pursue knowledge, yet our access to knowledge is being surgically restricted by Eurocentric boundaries and by filling reading lists with – only – authors of a non-diverse background. If knowledge really is – power – then institutions should feel empowered to include diverse voices in their curriculum”.

Bukoye then addressed the racial inequality between professors in the UK;

“In an era where the higher education sector is facing strong and justified critique over having a large BME attainment gap, and only having 25 black female professors across the WHOLE UK, in comparison to over 12,000 white male professors, more efforts should be made to address this.”

The Guild Talks have been set up to actively address these issues. Bukoye continues;

“All of the above is exactly why the Guild has started “Guild Talks” with a series of guest lectures. They are open to ALL to attend, regardless of degree course or background, to learn and engage with topics such as race, equality, diversity and more. This year, the Guild have been active in discussing topics such as race, through the bolstered celebration of black history month, launching the Black Leadership Conference and encouraging students to fill out the EHRC survey.

Bukoye encourages Liverpool students to attend;

“If you value taking the limits off your learning, and exploring knowledge which goes beyond your degree course, step into our Guild Talks.”


All talks are free to attend, no ticket required.