Today, academics from the Department of History endorsed the Guild of Students’ ‘Fossil Free’ campaign, calling on the University of Liverpool to end their investment in fossil fuel companies such as Shell and BP.

“The University needs to align with forward thinking universities across the country.” said Dr Diana Jeater, senior lecturer in African History, referring to the 71 British Universities that have already committed to divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

What is the Fossil Free campaign?

Investing in fossil fuels funds climate change, which is widely regarded as the biggest and most destructive issue that the world faces.

Led by Guild Deputy President Hannah Nguyen, Liverpool students are campaigning for their University to end its multi-million pound investment into these fuels. They believe that it’s irresponsible for their University to fund, and to profit from, the destruction of the planet.

Dr Deana Heath, senior lecturer in Indian History, warned today that “we’re in an environmental crisis. We need to do this now.”

Here is the full list of academics who endorsed the campaign today:

Dr Andrew Redden, senior lecturer in Latin American History
Dr Beatrice Penati, Lecturer in Russian and Eurasian History
Prof Bonnie Effros, Professor of European History and Chaddock Chair of Economic and Social History
Dr Deana Heath, senior lecturer in Indian History
Dr Diana Jeater, Senior Lecturer in African History
Dr Jonathan Hogg, senior lecturer in 20th century History
Dr Samantha Caslin, lecturer in Modern British History
Dr Stephen Kenny, senior lecturer in 19th and 20th century North American History
(Plus MA students John Boden and Louise Lewis-Carpenter)

With its own lecturers joining numerous societies and students in calling for a Fossil Free investment policy, the University of Liverpool is under ever-increasing pressure to stop funding climate change.

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Photography by Danny Rigg.