Wrapora has arrived in Liverpool and this place is exactly what we have been waiting for. Wrapora’s style of ‘Around the World’ enables a food service that can please anyone’s food preference. I think everyone can agree that it can be hard to decide where to eat sometimes and whether you fancy Chinese, Mexican or Indian – Wrapora has it all! Their extensive 14 piece menu along with more dishes coming soon, provides the choices we need to see all in one place.

The Venue

I brought my sister with me to try out Wrapora on their official launch day and we were taken aback with how colourful and stylish the place was. The mix of colours along the stairs, walls and chairs perfectly exemplified Wrapora’s ethos.

Here at Wrapora, we pride ourselves on making some of the most delicious wraps you can find! We source fresh ingredients here in Liverpool and combine them with an extraordinary selection of delicious spices imported from around the world.’ – Wrapora.

There is a variation in music choices which was upbeat and lively. The staff were incredibly friendly and were so attentive. As the concept of the menu is totally new to Liverpool, it was pretty overwhelming trying to decide which was the best option to go for, yet the staff were really informative and knowledgeable about the products.

The Food and Drink

The process of the order works in three simple steps:

  1.  Choose your style: Wrap, burrito, salad or bowl.
  2.  Choose your filling: 14 countries with varied versions of their country’s delicacies.
  3.  Choose your extras: Extras to the dish, side orders, drinks and snacks.


Bowl: Santorini Souvlaki

I opted for a bowl (rice, beans, salad, salsa & sauce for £6.90) of Santorini Souvlaki – Chargrilled Lamb & Tzatziki Sauce – a traditional Greek dish with a twist. I added tomatoes, cucumber and red onion to my order. For £2, you can add a side and drink, so I complimented my bowl with fries with red salt and a can of Fanta. I loved my meal, it was so tasty and filling as a great on-the-go food choice, especially as it is healthy and made fresh to order.

Burrito: Famosas Fajita

My sister ordered the burrito (plain tortilla & filling, rice, beans, salad, salsa & sauce M £5.80/L £6.90) with Famosas Fajita – Marinated chicken strips in Mexican fajita spices grilled with fajita vegetables. There are many other wrap choices to choose from such as gluten-free with wholewheat, tomato, spinach, black pepper and beetroot options being an extra 40p. She added red pepper, red onion, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, cheese and red pepper mayonnaise to her burrito. To complete this monstrously sized burrito, she added sweet potato fries and a can of coke to her meal.

‘The burrito was 100% worth the price as it was incredibly filling, I was so happy with my choice. The fajita wasn’t too overpowering and it was the perfect eating temperature.’ – Alicia Percival.


Extra Information

As Wrapora is in their infancy, there are still a few elements to the service that are being altered. There are currently 8 spaces to sit downstairs, yet the upstairs which contains the lavatories is under construction and will soon be open with an extra 30-40 seats available for customers to eat in. Wrapora’s long term goal is to have outside seating for customers to enjoy their meal in the surroundings of the city centre.

Vegetarian options include the Egyptian: Fava Falafel – Fried chickpea & fava bean patties that include authentic spices for a real full-flavoured vegetarian treat and the Indian: Chilli Paneer – Vegetables, chilli & Paneer cheese makes this vegetarian dish really special. Wrapora currently serves white rice but will be adding brown rice to their menu soon.

Over the next few weeks, Wrapora will become available to order online via JustEat.

Phone number: 0151 363 1888

Email: info@wrapora.co.uk

Address: 79 Church Street, Liverpool L1 1DG

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Instagram: @wrapora