The chocolate lovers’ favourite holiday is fast approaching and we have all of the quirkiest and most bizarre Easter eggs on sale to show you. This year, we are lucky enough to have quite the collection of unusual Easter eggs. So, whether you like cheese, gin or just your standard chocolate egg, Sphinx Student News have found something for all tastebuds!


Cheesealicious Easter Egg – Asda and Sainsbury’s


Happy Cheester! This Easter, Asda and Sainsbury’s are selling an Easter egg that is made completely out of cheese! Yes, you heard correctly, all of you cheese lovers can now buy a cheesy cheddar egg! Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has designed the spreadable cheddar egg, which is sold with a packet of oatcakes and a sachet of chutney to make the perfect snack this Easter. This egg can be found in Asda stores for £4 or in Sainsbury’s stores and online for £5.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. Contains: Wheat, milk, gluten and oats.


The Chocolate Scotch Egg – Waitrose


This year, Waitrose are selling a chocolate version of the savoury picnic classic, the scotch egg. The unusual egg is part of the Heston collection in Waitrose, which is designed by chef Heston Blumenthal. Blumenthal is known for his creative, yet bizarre recipes and he certainly doesn’t disappoint with his newest creation. The milk chocolate maple crunch replaces the breadcrumbs, the meat is now a delicately smoked milk chocolate caramel ganache and a zesty mango and yuzu fondant forms the golden yolk at the centre. The chocolate scotch egg is available in Waitrose stores and is available online for £6.00.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. May contain: Gluten, peanuts and nuts.


Pineapple Easter Egg – Asda


For only £5, you can buy a pineapple shaped Easter egg! Unfortunately (or fortunately), the egg isn’t actually pineapple flavoured, instead, it is a hollow milk chocolate egg with a bronze sheen to get that fruity look. You can purchase the egg from Asda stores or online.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. May contain: Nuts and peanuts.


Marmite Chocolate Egg – Asda


Marmite is known for its distinctive taste which you either love or hate, but no matter what your opinion may be, you have to try this new creation! Asda has released a Marmite flavoured Easter egg which is guaranteed to get all of the Marmite lovers excited. The hollow milk chocolate egg is bound to cause some debate amongst friends and family, so which side are you on? The Easter egg can be purchased in Asda stores and online for £3.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. Contains: Wheat, outs, milk, soya, barley, rye and celery.


Marmite Eggs Cups – Asda



All of the Marmite fans are in luck this year, as Asda are not only treating them to the giant Marmite Easter egg, but they are also selling Marmite egg cups! The two Marmite egg cups are being sold alongside two mini hollow milk chocolate eggs because, if you can’t have chocolate for breakfast at Easter, when can you? The egg cups can be bought exclusively in-store or online at Asda, for £3.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. Contains: Milk and soya.


Easter Egg Sandwich – Hotel Chocolat



This year, Hotel Chocolat are selling chocolate sandwiches designed perfectly to look like your favourite meal deals. There are four different sandwiches on offer which includes:

Caramayo Caramel Chocolate sandwich, which is two white half-eggs sandwiched with caramel-milk chocolate served in the traditional takeaway box. Another sandwich being sold is the Chocolate Spread Sandwich, which is 40% milk praline half-eggs sandwiched with 50% milk chocolate. This is guaranteed to take you back to your childhood lunches! Also, the Cookie Dough and Ice Cream and Lamb and Mint Chocolate are other flavours that are amongst the tasty treats on sale. These can be purchased in Hotel Chocolat stores or online for £10 each.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans. May contain traces of nuts, wheat and soya.


Edinburgh Gin Liqueur and Easter Egg – John Lewis


Can’t decide between treating yourself to chocolate or gin this Easter? Well, John Lewis have got you covered. For only £14 you can get a miniature bottle of Edinburgh gin (Rhubarb and Ginger or Elderflower) with a milk chocolate egg alongside it. I can’t think of a better combination! The duo can be purchased in John Lewis stores or online.

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans. Contains: Nuts and gluten.


Game of Thrones Easter Egg – Deliveroo

Image: Deliveroo

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! If you’re going home this Easter and are lucky enough to be from London, Manchester or Leeds, then look out for these magical eggs. To celebrate the upcoming season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, Deliveroo will be launching a range of Easter eggs shaped like the dragon eggs from season one. The enchanted eggs are available from the 14th April until the 21st April for only 80p, so get them while you can!

Dietaries: Suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans. May contain: Nuts.



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