PERI-PERI fans are in luck! Everybody’s favourite chicken restaurant has recently launched a brand-new range of tasty Salads and Sides, bringing more colour and mouth-watering flavours to our plates. Just in time for summer, a whole new range of lighter and more balanced options have been released. The new dishes landed in UK restaurants on the 14th May and the team at Sphinx Student News were lucky enough to get to sample a few of the dishes!



Despite going on a busy Sunday lunchtime, we were seated to our table after only waiting for a few minutes. Even though majority of the tables were full, there was still a calm atmosphere due to the spacious layout. The colourful decorations and Mediterranean style, upbeat music made the environment feel energised yet relaxing.


The new plates include the Watermelon & Feta Salad, Grains ‘n Greens Salad and a House Salad, alongside the tasty new sides including Saucy Spinach, Grains ‘n Greens, Long Stem Broccoli and Roasted Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash.



I tried the House Salad, which is cos lettuce tossed with crunchy cucumber and baby plum tomatoes, topped with chargrilled peppers and olives. I chose to add the optional chicken breast and the Classic Salad Dressing to intensify the flavour and spice!

Overall, I really enjoyed the salad! It was very light and fresh but at the same time was textured and crunchy due to all of the different elements mixing together. The chargrilled peppers were a favourite of mine and complemented the chicken really well. This is such a perfect summer dish for when you need your Nando’s kick but want something a little bit lighter

PRICE – Without chicken: £6.00

With chicken: £9.30

DIETARY – Suitable for Vegans (without chicken)

Suitable for Vegetarians (without chicken)



My friend, Emily chose to go for the Watermelon and Feta Salad, which looked so bright and colourful! When we first read the menu, we were unsure on whether these flavours would go together, but they definitely do! The salad contains a combination of mouth-watering chargrilled slices of watermelon and pickled watermelon, served on a generous bed of baby spinach with cucumber, black olives and finished with a sprinkling of feta. You can add the optional chicken breast to bring some spice and protein to your dish.

The watermelon slices made the salad fresh, fruity and juicy, adding an unusual (but unbelievably tasty) element to the salad. This was contrasted with the rawness of the spinach and the crunchiness of the cucumber and olives. I will definitely be ordering this again; it is perfect for any spinach or watermelon lovers!Emily Cox

PRICE – Without chicken: £7.25

With chicken: £10.55

DIETARY – Not Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for Vegetarians (without chicken)




For one of the sides alongside Laura’s Fino Pitta, she chose Saucy Spinach. “Without a doubt, I will be ordering this in the future!”

This side contains baby spinach cooked in spicy tomato and coconut sauce with chickpeas. The spicy tomato and coconut sauce complemented each other so well to create a curry-like flavour, which isn’t too spicy or mild- it’s the perfect in-between!

The sauce alongside the spinach created quite a thick consistency which is ideal for the portion size that you are served. This is the side for anyone who loves a curry or wants an extra boost of spice!

PRICE – Regular on its own: £2.60

Large on its own: £4.80

With a Fino Pitta and another side – £11.55

DIETARY – Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for Vegetarians



This is exactly what it says on the tin… a generous portion of Long Stem Broccoli!

This side is ideal for anyone who wants a heathier, or more balanced meal at Nando’s. It could maybe have had slightly more seasoning but was still fresh and tasty!

PRICE – Regular on its own: £2.60

Large on its own: £4.80

With a Fino Pitta and another side – £11.55

DIETARY – Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for Vegetarians



For the final side dish, we chose a Fino Side of Roasted Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash, which comes with wilted spinach and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

This was one my favourites out of all the new sides! The sweet potato and butternut squash came in generous sized chunks and had been lightly roasted so that they were soft in the middle and slightly crisp on the outside. The feta and spinach added another dimension to the dish, making this a perfect, healthier alternative to chips.

PRICE – Regular on its own: £3.45

With a Fino Pitta and a second side – £11.55

DIETARY – Not Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for Vegetarians



We all chose to have a bottomless soft drink which has a choice of: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta.

However, there is also wine, juices, water and beer and cider on offer.

PRICE – Bottomless: £2.80

Bottomless Coca Cola: £3.00



Nando’s have been offering a takeaway service for a while now but has recently started delivering, making it quicker and easier to have your PERI-PERI boost. Visit their website to find out more.

All the chicken is made to order depending on which level of spice you dare to brave –


Lemon & Herb or Mango & Lime



Extra Hot



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Friday: 11:30pm- 11pm

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Sunday: 12pm-10pm



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