Worth it for the crowd alone, this legendary musical does not disappoint. The plot is as hammy as ever, but the joy in the room is infectious. This production is great for followers of the show and for the uninitiated.

The crowd is the first thing you notice when you go to see the Rocky Horror Show. The costumes, which vary in quality and accuracy, are impressive. They are a reminder of the massive cult following the show.

The community spirit of the audience continues throughout the show, with the legendary shout-outs adding an extra dimension to the performance. The actors skilfully take both the traditional and slightly more personal shouts in their stride.

The actors glide through the show with as much love for the material as the audience. The musical numbers are slick and get the entire audience on their feet dancing multiple times in the performance. Duncan James’s performance as the iconic Frank is a show highlight, as is Beverley Callard as the narrator, the first woman to play the role.

The on-stage costumes are as iconic as many of the lines and dances. They are expertly used to give character insights and to chart the characters’ developments over the story.

Like few other stories, Rocky gets the balance right between the hammy, ridiculous plot and the exploration of deeper ideas. In the 46 years since the show debuted it, the themes of gender and sexuality continue to resonate with its millions of fans.

You can’t help but leave this wacky, but endearingly genuine play, without a smile on your face.