Manchester’s YES, Pink Room was the perfect ethereal setting for the lo-fi tones of the night ahead.

As support G.A.N.G took to the stage, the eclectic crowd knew that the night was going to be a special one. As the ever pink lit room contrasting and complimenting their show simultaneously, G.A.N.G embarked on their continuous set keeping the crowd fascinated. The set was a journey through multiple genres; from heavy Idles-esque instrumental sections accompanied with a shout singing tone of the provoking lyrics “F*UCK YOUR MUM, F*UCK YOUR DAD, F*UCK EVERYONE” to more layered tones highlighting the guitar chords over drums and bass. The crowd could feel the passion exuberayting from these talented individuals as they filled the small venue with their sound. It was clear they were here to make a lasting impression, and that’s exactly what they did.

Later, when Chastity Belt graced the stage, the pink room was encapsulated under their American lo-fi spell. Song after song was met with enthusiastic applause, and despite technical difficulties, their tracks shone through to the enthusiastic audience, who encouraged the band all night. They teased the audience by including new unreleased music throughout the set, and were met with outstanding applause with each new track played. The taster of what is to come was very exciting and a reminder that Chastity Belt are definitely not going away anytime soon. 

A particular standout performance was that of their most played song on Spotify, “Different Now”. Performed just as the technical difficulties were resolved, the crowd was in awe and jumped into life, all moving along to the slightly more upbeat riff throughout.  Julia Shapiro (vocals) added a relaxed, confident vibe to the whole performance, almost as an echo of the 90s American riot girl genre, effortlessly cool. The laid-back energy radiated from the stage and through the audience, forming a sense of unity with everyone there, creating a safe space, and making YES the perfect venue for their performance.

Overall, the night was a massive hit with the audience and made a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to experience it. The etherealness of the room and the band made it a truly memorable moment in time.

You can check out Chasity Bel’t latest work here