Author: Aleksa Vidic

The sports hall opens its doors for the exam period

Attention all students! Sport Liverpool has given students full access to the Sport and Fitness Centre during exam season for 2 weeks starting from Monday (14th January) for free. This includes access to the gym, pool and all of the Centre’s fitness classes. But should you spend your time swimming, running or lifting weights, or cramming course content in the Sydney Jones? Here’s what science says: Exercising could boost your memory: Research in both children and adults has found that the hippocampus, the brain structure involved with consolidating information and learning, was often larger in volume in individuals who did aerobic exercise regularly...

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The UoL Study Abroad Fair: What you might have missed!

Last week, I went to the Study Abroad Fair – I was expecting it to be pretty bland: a row of stalls manned by officials from different universities, telling me why I should apply, and what exactly I needed to do to be among the next  wave of students off abroad. There were a few course-specific stalls, sure, with staff directing students to a “really useful online search tool” for opportunities, but the back of the hall contained a cluster of student-manned stalls, where I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by students speaking so enthusiastically and honestly about...

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UoL invention to save thousands of newborns’ lives

It’s called the Golden Minute for a reason – the first 60 seconds of your life are your most important and vulnerable by far. If a newborn baby doesn’t start breathing unassisted in this time, they’ll experience oxygen deprivation which can, in the most extreme cases, lead to brain damage, or even death. Efficiency is vital when having to provide immediate care, which is why the University of Liverpool’s Professor Andrew Weeks’ recent work holds so much promise for reducing the mortality rate of those newborns temporarily starved of oxygen. Professor Weeks, from the University’s Institute of Translational Medicine, developed the...

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