Author: Aaron Boileau

Cannabis Legalisation: The Way Forward?

The Liberal Democrats have recently announced plans for a “regulated market” for the production, sale and consumption of cannabis in the UK. Whilst there is little prospect of this policy becoming reality, due to the likely Conservative victory at the election, it will nevertheless reignite the drugs debate in this country. I don’t profess to have an in-depth knowledge of the drugs debate. I have never tried cannabis because it doesn’t appeal to me and it never will, but this is entirely irrelevant. Despite its illegality, if I wanted cannabis, I could get it; because of its availability anyone...

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Why an early election could backfire on Theresa May

Even in this electorally unpredictable climate, Corbyn turning this around is almost unimaginable. There is no likely version of events on June the 8th in which the Tories don’t win. Theresa May has called this election to give her a bigger majority in the House of Commons with which she can push through her Brexit agenda. The coming negotiations will not be easy and will require compromise. Compromise that will provoke the wrath of ardent Leavers and Remainers alike. Her current working majority of just 17 leaves the Government susceptible to rebellion from the backbenches before even dealing with...

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