Author: Adam Scovell

Doctor Who: The Name of The Doctor – review

This review contains spoilers. It’s been a long time coming but Doctor Who Series 7 is finally coming to a conclusion.  Conclusion is perhaps the wrong word as it implies an ending or even the implication of being given answers to questions asked long, long ago.  Forgetting these questions, this episode decided to find the answers to the one particular issue that emerged from Series 6 though solidified in the new story arc of this year; what is The Doctor’s name?  The fact that the story has little use for the actual drama surrounding it is slightly baffling though...

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Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver – review

This review contains spoilers. The hit and miss nature of the this season of Doctor Who continues by providing the viewers with a story that provides in a microcosm, the problems and brilliance that this series has hit upon during its various episodes.  Moving on from last week’s Hammer Horror non-event, this week’s ‘Nightmare in Silver’ sways greatly between brilliance and awfulness, ultimately settling into the latter.  The story’s written by Neil Gaiman; his second foray into an era that seems almost custom built to play to his strengths. Gaiman’s last story, ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ (2011), was a shot...

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Doctor Who – Journey to the Centre of the Tardis (Stephen Thompson)

This review contains spoilers. Series 7 of Doctor Who has a very clear change in direction to the previous seasons.  The emphasis changing from a multitude of different styles and forms to a deliberate set of rigid criteria set around the idea of each episode having a veneer of the cinematic.  That isn’t to say cinematic in the creatively best sense but more in the sense of scale and tips to modern blockbuster Hollywood.  It seems almost knee-jerk to the criticism that the story arc had become to overbearing in Series 6, and it is a gamble that has,...

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Doctor Who: Hide – review

[3_stars] This review contains spoilers Even from the thirty second trailer of ‘Hide’ shown at the end of last week’s ‘Cold War‘, it was pretty clear that a number of influences were going to be worn proudly on the sleeve.  After the atrocious ‘The Rings of Akhaten‘, it wouldn’t be too amiss to approach Neil Cross’ second story the season with an added caution.  However, this is Cross’ natural territory and though the episode is by no means a classic, it is a massive jump in quality from his previous efforts. ‘Hide’ opens in a haunted house in the...

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Doctor Who: Cold War – review

[5_stars] This review contains spoilers. In its 50th anniversary year, it’s not surprising that more and more classic villains are making a return to the current series of Doctor Who.  It was a tactic employed during the 25th anniversary that largely worked and, judging by the current show runner’s adoration for the era of the 5th Doctor, it seems natural that the anniversary years are starting to look similar. This week’s returning foe hasn’t been seen since 1974’s ‘The Monster of Peladon‘ (at least in the official canon) and has made various appearances in spin-offs.  Whereas some of the stories in the 25th anniversary...

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