Author: Adele Halsall

“It’s A Long Way To The Top, If You Wanna…”

Liverpool, alongside many other major student cities, is awash with local, unsigned bands and musicians. The local music scene seems to be something which most of these cities (Liverpool especially) take very seriously, as the arts have become increasingly valued and encouraged within our society as a whole. Local bands are a commonly overlooked sub-group – most people are happy to enjoy them if and when they happen to be around, but few people will go out of their way to actively promote them, even if they find that they really like their music. Many bands are discovered at...

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Is Your Olive Oil A Fraud?

Olive oil is undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest products. As well as being a major provider of those precious omega 3 oils we hear so much about, they also pack a lot of other health benefits, such as monosaturated fats and antioxidants; being able to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reducing inflammation in the body. It can also be used as a fantastic moisturiser for skin! A key player in most cookery dishes, it’s probably one of the most common kitchen cupboard staples. Especially for those living in Mediterranean countries, and they’re renowned for being very healthy. In...

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Feminism is no ‘F-Word’

So, I’m no militant feminist. You won’t find me burning my bra or throwing myself in front of horses (feminists still do that, right?); no, I’m just an ordinary student who believes in the ordinary rights of ordinary women. In fact, I’d like you to raise your hand if you would say you believe just the same. Pretty much everyone? Well, that sounds encouraging. However, the somewhat chilling fact that I had to face up to on Monday after reading  the rather frightening article ‘Is The ‘F-Word’ Taken Too Far?’ is that not all of you who would raise...

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“What Are We Putting On Our Faces?” – Animal Testing & You

Every day, we get up, shower with our favourite toiletries, apply our make-up and hair-care products and head off out the door, feeling confident and satisfied. But the question that we are rarely made aware of is who or what could be suffering in the meantime? I’ve always been aware of animal testing being something to watch out for, but after hearing a while back that the UK imposed a ban on all cosmetic animal testing, I’d never really given it much thought since. After recently seeing a video on the net however, depicting what animals in the global...

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Guild Forums to commence next week

The Guild Student Council open Forums are to begin next week, starting with GuildLife on Monday the 6th, followed by UniversityLife on the 7th and SocietyLife and LiverpoolLife taking place on the 13th and 21st respectively. These Forums are a highly valuable opportunity for students to get stuff off their chest, whether it’s a qualm with how the Guild is being run or a problem with their degree course; whether they want to do more for the welfare of their society, or just generally want to make Liverpool a better place for students. Topics discussed during the Forums are taken into account...

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