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FEATURE: Climate Action at UoL (Part 2)

This feature was originally published in our 2018/19 print edition (March 29). 3.5 Earth’s Needed for Student Lifestyle By Anna Scott, News Editor 2019 is marching on and so far a singular egg on Instagram has received more attention than the fight against climate change. School children are striking, David Attenborough is speaking at the UN climate summit and plastic straws have become public enemy number one. While these are all fantastic steps in the right direction, it is not enough. In Western societies our ecological footprints are still sky high, as we move ever closer towards a scenario...

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FEATURE: Climate Action at UoL (Part 1)

This feature was originally published in our 2018/19 print edition (March 29). THINK ABOUT THE PLANET JANET! Our University currently invests £11,812,131 in fossil fuels. This includes £3.8m in BP, £3.1m in Shell, and £2.2m in BHP Billiton. There has been no commitment to divestment. This is despite an ‘Environmental Policy Statement’ in which our Vice-Chancellor Janet Beer claims the university is dedicated to managing its operations in ways that are ‘environmentally sustainable’. This is clearly mouth service from our grossly overpaid VC, and behind her the University continues to profit from the destruction of the planet. In our...

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‘Sphinx Student News’ Needs a New Logo!

We’ve recently decided here at The Sphinx to undergo a slight name change. Starting next term we’ll be called… Sphinx Student News! We thought it was only fitting that we should have a new logo to go with our new name, and who better to design it than our readers? So we’re handing it over to you: You can submit a fully fledged design, a sketch, or even just an idea to us by emailing If you’d rather submit a physical copy, feel free to come along to our next meeting (12th December 4-5pm Library Room of the Guild)...

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People and Planet Society Campaign Against New University Investment Policy

A group of students from the new People and Planet Society have been campaigning against the University’s new Ethical Investment Policy on campus this morning for Fossil Free National Day of Action. To raise awareness of the issue, the group conducted a banner drop from the Guild as well as giving out information to students on campus and encouraging them to get involved. They have released a statement: ‘We are a group of students from the University of Liverpool campaigning for social and environmental justice. Today is Fossil Free National Day of Action. Our University invests over £11 million...

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