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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Jonathon Foster

Meet SO Candidate Jonathon Foster, a final year Business Management with Law student. “Being a Student Officer is a fantastic opportunity to improve the University, and student experience, for all students during their time in Liverpool. There are some big issues that need fixing at the moment, such as the timetabling system, VITAL and Liverpool-Life. The main reason, therefore, that inspired me to run for SO this year is simply to improve the University for everyone. I’ve started this work through my role as Senate Rep and would love the opportunity to carry this work further as a Student Officer” Watch Jonathon’s...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Rory Hughes

Meet SO candidate Rory Hughes, current Guild Vice-President. ‘I graduated from my undergraduate History degree in July 2017 after being elected Guild Officer. I’ve been working as your Guild Vice-President full-time since then.’ ‘It has been a joy and a privilege being your elected Vice-President for the last 8 months. In post, I have been constantly fighting for real, radical change for Liverpool students. Whether that be successfully taking on Arriva’s extortionate student prices and poor service (watch this space for the new 699) or fighting against tuition fee rises and bursary cuts. I’m asking you to Re-Choose Hughes #1...

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Liverpool Lecturer Strikes Begin

Protests by the University and College Union (UCU) around the University of Liverpool campus began on the 22nd February against Universities UK’s (UUK) proposed changes to lecturer’s pensions from a defined benefits to a defined contribution scheme. Among the picketers were lecturers who are part of the UCU, other university staff, students, and supporters including friends and family of the lecturers. According to the sign-in records kept by the UCU, over 200 people came to picket, and students have reported similar numbers turning out on the second day of striking. Protesters arrived as early as 6am, with many staying...

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The Guild Wish Returns!

So December has come back around and with it comes cold weather, that god-awful Mariah Carey song and, of course, the Guild Wish. If there’s one redeeming feature of this month (apart from Christmas itself), this is it. From December 1st to the 8th, the Guild are offering to make all your Christmas wishes come true, you just need to ask! And what can you ask for? Almost anything. Last year’s best wishes included a space hopper, 20 bottles of washing up liquid and a life-size Danny DeVito cut-out. Outstanding. Wishes don’t have to be completely off the wall,...

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People & Planet Protest University’s Investments in Fossil Fuels

Last Thursday, (23rd November) students from the People and Planet Society held a demonstration outside the Guild calling for the University to divest from the use of Fossil Fuels. The demonstration involved representatives of the society chanting through megaphones and holding banners to appeal to passing-by students to increase support for their petition. Society President, Joe Ferguson, dressed as a Liver Bird drenched in black paint to represent the wildlife being damaged by crude oil. This is symbolic of the tarnished reputation they believe the University is giving itself, very covertly investing in fossil fuels while the Guild claims...

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