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Students March Against Fees and Cuts in London

Student protesters marched through the streets of London in their thousands on Wednesday (November 15th) in a massive demonstration against tuition fees. The demo, organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), was backed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Facebook, who stated that ‘the political establishment has betrayed young people’. Protesters carried this sentiment through the city, marching for 2.5 miles from Malet Street to Parliament Square, passing Downing Street, the Horse Guards Parade and Picturehouse Central (which received many jeers from the crowd). The march lasted for two hours, from 2-4pm, which was then followed...

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Guild holds rally ahead of National Free Education Demo

In preparation for the National Free Education Demo in London on November 15th, the Guild hosted a rally last Friday (November 10th) organised by Vice-President Rory Hughes. Four speakers came to the Guild to ask ‘what is to be done?’, discussing the barriers students face in order to achieve the abolition of tuition fees and other problems universities in the UK currently face including the marketisation of education and the increasing mental health crisis. Speakers: Will Stronge, co-founder and editor of the think tank ‘Autonomy’. He is an associate lecturer in philosophy at the University of Chichester and a...

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Liverpool’s Top 3 Housemate Horror Stories

It’s official! Liverpool is one of the most haunted cities in the UK. According to research conducted by the fast house buying company Open Property Group, Liverpool is one of the top UK cities for scary searches on Google. Taking data from Google Trends, they found that Liverpool ranks 1st to be searched alongside the terms ‘haunted house’, ‘haunting’ and ‘mediumship’. This creepy correlation might prove that Liverpool is indeed host to increased paranormal activity – or it could just be proof that Liverpudlians are more paranoid than most. Either way, there’s something much more terrifying than ghosts and...

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Left-Wingers Protest at Manchester Tory Conference

Thousands of people took to the streets of Greater Manchester on Sunday (1st October) where the annual Conservative Party Conference has commenced in the Central Convention Complex. GM Police Chief Superintendent John O’Hare estimated “Up to 30,000 people” had come into the city centre to take part in “various protests”. One of the largest of these protests was a 1.4-mile march from the Museum of Science and Industry to Piccadilly Gardens, via the Central Convention Complex. Around 2,000 people were in the crowd, which was comprised mainly of Labour Party supporters as well as trade unionists, Liberal Democrats, Socialists...

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What Jeremy Corbyn can learn from Donald Trump

Perhaps given three extra years leading to a general election, Jeremy Corbyn could’ve rallied the UK behind Labour. He just might’ve been able to convince the electorate – including the disgruntled members of his own party – that he represents the interests of the country and would make a competent Prime Minister. In 2020, Labour might’ve just won it. But now that Theresa May has told the UK that we will be deciding who should form the next government on June 8th, it’s not looking likely. All eyes will be on Corbyn in the coming weeks, and he needs...

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