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‘Ask a Feminist’: panels, patriarchy and privilege, an enlightening event

On 6th October the Feminist society ran a talk titled “Ask a Feminist”, so I decided to go to learn more about the ideology. The session ran as a controlled Q&A with two questions from the audience contributing at the end of the session. While I initially raised my eyebrows at the “controlled” aspect of the session it quickly became apparent that this allowed the panel to explain their views and beliefs regarding core feminist beliefs and contemporary issues. The event featured a range of speakers including Guild Student Officer Yasmin Gasimova and Tor Smith, Co-President of the LGBT+...

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Sean Bean was filming on Campus today

The Lords of Gondor have returned. Sean Bean was spotted today filming in Bedford House, by the uni gym, on the University of Liverpool campus. The Game of Thrones and Sharpe star is believed to be filming for a new BBC drama ‘Broken’, produced by Jimmy McGovern, airing in six one-hour episodes which also stars the likes of Paula Malcomson, Aisling Loftus and Adrian Dunbar. Sean Bean was cast as the lead character, Roman Catholic priest Father Michael Kerrigan. The Lord of the Rings star has been seen out and about in Bootle with film crews before switching to Toxteh...

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Liverpool-based American Football Coach wins Coach of the Year

Local coach Craig Pennington has won Double Coverage’s Coach of the Year award. Pennington, coach of the Merseyside Nighthawks and the University of Liverpool Raptors, has won the award after managing the Nighthawks to the semi-finals of the Premier division play-offs. This comes on the back of receiving the award last year for an unprecedented season where the Nighthawks went undefeated to receive promotion. Hawks linebacker Eddie Webster explained: “He never lets you settle unless you’ve given it your all. He’s always motivating you to do more and push yourself to improve. Regardless of the score, as long as...

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