Author: Alex Ingrey

One Scream: New Hands-Free Safety Alert

Apps are constantly trying to cater for our every need and want, and safety is just another box that app builders are attempting to tick. This is where One Scream comes in. A new personal safety app for women and teenage girls, One Scream has been designed for peace of mind with its innovative use of voice activation, which can detect panic screams even from the bottom of your bag. A panic scream, louder and more complex than any other, is detected by the app, which triggers an alert and then goes onto message your name and location to...

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Our Day Out (LUDS) | Theatre Review

Feature Image: Funny, endearing and insightful are just a few words to describe LUDS’s recent production of Our Day Out. Willy Russell’s hilarious, high-energy musical was originally written for a 1976 TV production but was first performed in Liverpool in 1983, and has taken up permanent residence here ever since. Our Day Out didn’t disappoint audiences in its run at the Liverpool Guild of Students. Kahrie Carter directed an outstanding cast, who had their work cut out for them, taking on the roles of a group of disadvantaged kids, their teachers, and various people they encounter on a...

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Fancy a change? Three Alternative Areas to Live in Liverpool

Housing. The word fills students with anxiety and stress. Choosing where to live, who to live with and when to sign for a house is never an easy task, however I’ve taken the plunge for next year and chosen to live in neither Smithdown, Kensington or the city centre; I’ll be living in Everton. As a city, Liverpool is constantly under revamp and areas previously deemed ‘No-Go’ now receive an influx of students every year. Not long ago, Liverpool students wouldn’t have dreamed of getting a house in Kensington, nor visiting the Albert Docks, which was completely barren. This...

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My Journalism Internships and Top Tips!

“What are your plans for after Uni?” It’s the question students dread and for those in final year, including myself, it’s easy to lose count of how many times it pops up. Post-Easter holidays and with Revision Week and exams looming, it’s time to think about what to do over the three-month Summer Holiday fast approaching. Here’s my experiences of the journalism path I chose last summer and some helpful tips: The Application Process During my second year at Liverpool I joined The Sphinx, found I loved writing articles about fashion and beauty and swiftly moved on to become editor...

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RSC Macbeth | Theatre Review

‘A drum! A drum! Macbeth doth come.’ Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack star in Polly Findlay’s compelling production of Macbeth at the RSC, which is powerful but somewhat hit-and-miss. Returning home from battle, the victorious Macbeth is portrayed by Eccleston as every inch the rugged, bloodied soldier. Forever trapped in his Doctor Who persona, Eccleston successfully separates himself from this and, from the performance’s outset, gives Macbeth the gruff northerner treatment, which works well.  Eccleston is successful in his fine study of a man struggling as both soldier, husband and ruler. Bloody murders of innocents couldn’t have felt more relevant...

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