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Interview with WHITE

How did you guys all first meet and come together as a band? Lewis: We lived in a studio house with Hamish and a guy called Chris; Hamish was looking for multiple singers at this point, and he was put in touch with Leo who came along to the house and we all just fell in love with his voice. Ever since then it’s been us making tracks together until we decided to take the band live. Kirsten: So far they’ve not told me I’m not in the band, but but they’ve also not told me I’m out of it...

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WHITE win out

Below the cafe of the soup kitchen, a warm, homely, open place with cakes and tea in abundance, lies underneath a small, dimly lit basement. This intimate space held WHITE: an elusive band by image, but raucously vibrant by nature. Five Glaswegians, all originally from three very different bands, are all members that bring an alternative take on the meaning of WHITE. Leo the vocalist originally came from a band called the Low Myths which was “quite mad”, jolting and non-commercial. Hamish (guitar) and Lewis (Bass) originated from a band called Cassidy, encompassing big songs and rock and pop;...

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Ady Suleiman review and interview

Ady Suleiman graced the coffee house sessions stage on 19th October and gave a simple and unpretentious performance, yet simultaneously wowed the courtyard by the power of his voice. As soon as his performance progressed his vocals transfixed those watching, and raised eyes from those buried within their books who were attempting some form of study. Just him and a mike, along with a session guitarist; he was apologetic for the fact that he had a sore throat, not that this was detectable in his voice, and truly his sound is as powerful and soulful as his audio. Former...

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