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A beginner’s chicken fajitas recipe | Anyone can make this!

This is a really easy recipe that’s quick to throw together and simple to scale up to make more portions.  It’s also less effort than the traditional stovetop method; all you need to do here is mix everything together and pop it in the oven.  The left-overs keep well in the fridge – just microwave them until piping hot.  If you want it extra spicy, just add more cayenne or any other kind of chilli powder.  If you’re like me and can’t handle much heat, this recipe is good to go.  You don’t need much cooking experience to master...

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The discovery of Easter foods

You may have seen our previous article showcasing Easter foods from around the world. We yearly indulge in chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and lamb roast dinners, but have you ever wondered where the food traditionally featured in a British Easter comes from?   Easter eggs       Lotus Head Who doesn’t love a yearly excuse to indulge in copious amounts of chocolate? Eggs symbolise new life and fertility in many cultures, which is why they are associated with spring, and have been decorated for use in ceremonies for thousands of years. Eggs in Christian celebration began...

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A beginner’s cheesy tuna pasta recipe

Cheesy tuna pasta is a real comfort food for me, it is both simple and quick to make!  The dish is creamy, filling and homely, which is perfect for any student feeling home sick with the semester nearly over.  There are no culinary skills required, just some easy stirring and boiling making it super easy to master.  I love to mix in some tuna with this to add something a little more tasty but if you don’t like fish, you can easily leave it out or add another type of meat like chicken. One portion requires half a can of tuna– you can store the...

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Traditional easter foods from around the world

Easter is celebrated all over the world with a myriad of different traditions. There are many tasty delights and national seasonal treats that lots of us haven’t even heard of, let alone tried. While our festivities usually include roast lamb, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, other cultures have some very unique culinary traditions. Most of these are rich, indulgent foods created to take full advantage of the end of fasting for Lent. So why not indulge in some international delicacies this Easter season?  Casatiello, from Italy Casatiello is a dish from Naples, Italy that is made exclusively at Easter....

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Restaurant Review: Free State Kitchen Student Deal

You only need to walk ten minutes from University to find yourself enjoying an authentic taste of American cuisine.  If you’re hungry and have a tenner burning a hole in your pocket, why not try Free State Kitchen – an independent American restaurant located on Maryland Street, serving up a variety of dishes from across the Atlantic.  Describing themselves as offering “a contemporary twist on American classics”, the menu includes “handhelds” (aka burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches), appetizers popular in America, such as buffalo wings and crab cakes, and a choice of 18 different beers and cocktails. Inside, the restaurant...

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