Author: Amanda Stanley

What an International Rebellion did for an introverted activist

From April 15th-25th, the non-violent civil disobedience group Extinction Rebellion, of which I am a member, shut down the city of London to protest government inaction concerning climate change. You may have already heard of us. You may have discovered our existence as footage of the rebellion spread online. Or, you may have no idea what I’m talking about. Extinction Rebellion was formed in late 2018, following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that brought to light the urgency climate change must be treated with, and started a fast-ticking 12 year clock on our civilisation. If action...

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300 Bikes: A Campaign to Improve Cycling Infrastructure in Liverpool

When people think of Liverpool, they’re likely to conjure up thoughts of The Beatles, or the thriving student community, but bikes are unlikely to spring to mind. Why? For one, Liverpool’s cycling infrastructure is not prioritised like other transport systems in Liverpool. With no more than two significant routes designated for cyclists, and as more people begin to cycle, this needs to change. Change: this is what the group ‘Citizen Cyclist’, leader unknown, campaigned for on Saturday morning.   A large number of people, with bikes in tow, gathered on the frosty doorstep of St George’s Hall. They were ready...

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