Author: Amiee Harrison-Armstrong

The bushier, the better…..eyebrows of course

2013 has sure been the year of eyebrows. Now, living in Liverpool we all know about the ‘scouse brow’ and drawing on a thick black eyebrows even when you have yellow blonde hair. Nevertheless, this year has seen a change in eyebrow style: bring on the bush! Nobody has sported this look better than the UK’s current top model, Cara Delevingne. But how can you perfect  the Cara brow without turning your current slim eyebrows into the one massive cave man mono-brow my Father would have if I did not pluck those for him. Well here are the Dos and Don’ts...

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How to get rid of your dry skin

With the transition of seasons, leaving Winter going into Spring then to Summer, dry skin is a given. But don’t panic, here are some tips on how to go from dry, dull skin to healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliate– Recently we posted a recipe for homemade exfoliator and we say USE IT. By exfoliating three times a week, after cleansing and before moisturising, you will remove dead skin cells that trap impurities in the pores. Impurities, such as acne-causing bacteria will cause break outs on top of dry skin if not removed at least three times a week. It is a necessary step...

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Cosmetic surgery- regulation needed!

It’s hard to get away from the cosmetic surgery industry when procedures such as botox and fillers are being ‘normalised’ by reality TV shows like The Only Way is Essex, along with social media, magazines and pop-up adverts, we see even on Facebook and in our everyday lives. The industry is currently worth £2.3bn and estimated to grow to £3.2bn in the next two years. This week, Britain’s most senior doctor Sir Bruce Kheo has called for a crackdown on the cosmetic surgery industry, with regulations on who can perform procedures and regulations on the injections themselves, as well as tightening...

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Naturally whiten your teeth….with a banana peel

We all want whiter teeth, that’s a fact! You can look into professional whitening as many times as you want, but let’s be honest, what student has £100-200 to throw down every six months. EUREKA!!! I have found the solution to this particular beauty problem. There are many old wives tales on how to get whiter teeth and one that has been passed down generation after generation in my crazy Irish family is the use of a banana peel. Believe it or not, this simple two minute method works. It’s quite simple, just follow these simple instructions: . First things first, buy a banana and eat...

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Broadchurch: episode 1 – review

It is not often that a much anticipated programme delivers what it promises, but Broadchurch breaks the norm. The programme is a new post-watershed thriller and seems to gain audiences of all ages. From the first episode we are able to see that the dark undertow of this small Dorset town, which will be pulling us in week after week for the next seven episodes. Maybe we will find out who strangled 11 year old Danny, but in the meantime the sense that we will also find out the skeletons in everyone’s closet. The main detective, DI Alec Hardy,...

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