Author: Amy Kathleen Downes

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Film Review

The screen adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s acclaimed coming-of-age novel is thankfully as faithful to the book as it could possibly be, no doubt down to the fact that the author himself both wrote the screenplay and directed the feature. Logan Lerman portrays the gentle, troubled Charlie with both subtlety and complexity, fully doing justice to the character’s literary representation. Ezra Miller does well with the effervescent Patrick, although plays him slightly more camp and bitchy than the book would have him, to sometimes humorous effect, but I can’t help thinking it reduces the character somewhat. Paul Rudd is well...

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Bastille Interview 12/10/2012

Bastille played in Stanley Theatre on Friday 12 October. They kindly took 15 minutes out before the gig to talk to LSMedia for a snappy and well-pitched interview (mainly Dan): So it’s October now, but it feels as though summer has just ended; you must have done a million festivals in the past few months – which was your favourite and why? (Dan) Yeah, it was like 30. I think Reading was a lot of fun and it was weird to play such a famous, iconic festival. We had a really, really nice turn out with everyone singing along. Were...

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Bastille – Gig Review 12/10/2012

Not having had my laptop functioning and with me at all times has seriously hindered my ability to research and listen to new music, but I haven’t been able to escape mention of Bastille. A million friends on Facebook already like them, the Guardian has named them ‘new band of the week’ whatever that means (circa July. I’m behind, whatever. I live in the Scottish countryside when I’m not in Liverpool), various other publications have hailed them as the next big thing, which is always damning. They’ve even been played on Radio 1. By Grimmy, none-the-less. I was, however,...

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Lana Del Rey, Born To Die. Album Review

L.S. Media Rating ** It would of course be impossible to review Lana Del Ray’s new album Born To Die without alluding to the storm of controversy that has followed Del Rey since the discovery of her not quite so ‘authentic’ origins. Born Lizzy Grant, daughter of a wealthy and financially very supportive father, this 25 year old is a product!  From her name, to her old Hollywood image, to her sound and her obnoxious statement to be a ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra, she is definitely a 21st Century product!  No less manufactured than any reality television participant but according to the internet trolls hiding under their virtual bridges and waiting to smother any story relating to Del Rey – a whole lot less ‘organic’ (absolutely detest the use of this word in any other context not pertaining to food, but needs must). Attempting any sort of unbiased review would be impossible, so I will try to be as fair as I can whilst still taking context into account. The track that kicked this ludicrous hype into orbit was Video Games. As a stand- alone single, it’s brilliant! Fragile lyrics, fragile vocals – a refreshing change of pace considering that the last five years have been dominated by the frantic, theatrical pop of Lady Gaga et al. Accompanied by a quite honestly, compelling ‘home video’ interspersed with clips of the drunken,...

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Costa Rica, Pura Vida

    All modern foreign languages students are required as part of a four year course, to spend their third year abroad. Most opt for Erasmus, a european program of either study in a partnering university or a placement as a teaching assistant. There are grants and housing allowances, budget flights gracias a Easy Jet and the support of the vast majority of your fellow students sweetly awaiting you, should you select this option. You practically make money off of this venture. Wise. Pragmatic. Bit boring, in my opinion.   My brother, a recent graduate of Italian and Spanish...

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