Author: Andrew Griffiths

The Best Christmas Markets in the World

Christmas is a time for getting together with your loved ones and remembering the things that we might take for granted the rest of the year. However, one of the added bonuses of the festive period is that all over the world Christmas markets start to spring up that offer a wide range of not only incredible food that you can’t get any other time of year, but also some really enjoyable and unique events that are bound to make you wish it was Christmas every day. With each country having a different spin on the Christmas market, there...

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Gloves Up!: Pacquiao vs. Rios

Last Saturday night, Macau, China hosted the return of Manny Pacquiao in his quest to correct his faltering career following back-to-back losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. Coming into the fight, Pacquiao’s opponent, Brandan Rios, issued a warning: “one Mexican knocked him out, this Mexican-American is going to retire Manny Pacquiao.” With tensions reaching a fever pitch heading into the fight, culminating in a heated exchange between Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach and Brandan Rios’ camp that escalated into one of Rios’ trainers kicking Roach in the chest, both fighters had not only their legacies on the line but also the dignity of their training camps. Entering this fight on the back of the first consecutive losses of his career, Pacquiao needed to win this fight to assure critics and fans alike that he has what it takes to return to his former glory and that his losses to Bradley and Marquez were nothing more than lapses of concentration in a career that could have had the potential to allow him to contend for the title of greatest lightweight boxer of all time. A win for Rios, on the other hand, would have given him the bragging rights to say that he beat a guy who in his prime was one of the best in the world and would have acted as a stepping stone to get him...

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Review

The follow-up to the hugely successful Hunger Games had a lot to live up to, but did it exceed expectations or was it doomed to disappoint its popular prequel? There’s no doubting the cultural enormity of the first Hunger Games film, as it spawned a new generation of post-Orwellian rebellion against a dystopian dictatorship stories like Divergent, Delirium and The Maze Runner. With this in mind, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had a huge task in hand if it was to live up to the precedent set by its prequel. Does it succeed in doing so? Well kind of yes and no. The film is compelled to continue the story on from the first film and this initial continuance can be a bit ploddy at times. From the revelation that Gale disapproves of Katniss’s pretend love of Peeta to the suggestion of Peeta genuinely falling in love with Katniss to the circumstances that lead to another Hunger Games (kind of necessary based on the title of the film). It just isn’t as exciting to watch as its previous, much more refreshing counterpart (despite accusations of plagiarism of the cult, Japenese masterpiece Battle Royale) as it seems to get bogged down in binding the two films together but I guess this is a bit of a necessary evil. Where the film really comes into its own is when it focuses more...

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Review: Bakchich

Bakchich is an exciting, new Lebanese restaurant that combines traditional cuisine with a contemporary new feel but how well do old world Lebanese dishes translate to a modern, western palette? Opening up recently, Bakchich specialises in classic Lebanese dishes but takes them to the next level. From enticing mezze platters to delicious Lebanese pastries to charcoal-grilled meats: what these dishes lack in innovation, they more than make up for with flavour. Bakchich seem to subscribe to the philosophy of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” and it is clear that nothing is broke here. Providing some of the best falafel you can get your hands on in the whole of the North West, let alone Liverpool, their aim appears to be to make the best and most flavourful version of Lebanese street food possible. Despite this lack of uniqueness in terms of Middle Eastern cooking, it is clear that they are providing a quality dining experience for the underserved Middle Eastern population in Liverpool. After all, how many other Middle Eastern restaurants can you name in Liverpool? With this in mind, what could be perceived as Bakchich’s biggest flaw, sticking to tried and tested recipes, becomes one of its biggest successes due to its ability to transport you to an entirely distinct culinary world. And with the delicious flavours that they manage to impart into the classics, there...

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There’s Hope for the Future

It can be hard to choose between the best restaurants in the thriving Liverpool restaurant scene. There is just so much good food to be found, seemingly, on every street and round every corner of Liverpool. So, with that in mind, I give you my essential guide to the best eating places on Hope Street. The Clove Hitch Providing a modern take on transatlantic cuisine, The Clove Hitch boasts one of the nicest, and most calorific, breakfasts in Liverpool, with their pancake, streaky bacon, fried egg, hash potatoes, maple syrup and toast laden masterpiece the Broadway Breakfast. This American twang spans beyond breakfast with delicious burgers, such as the jalapeno-drenched El Diablo or the chicken, avocado and lime masterpiece West Coast Burger. However, this restaurant has so much more to offer than just American diner food, with Steaks, Swordfish, Seafood Linguine, Rump of Lamb and so much more. Philharmonic Dining Rooms One of the only things that can match the Philharmonic’s majestic exterior is its food. Leaning more towards pub grub than any of the other restaurants on this list, the Philharmonic Dining Rooms offer homegrown, hearty food with a classy touch. Take, for instance, their oak smoked chicken liver pate or their Iberian Black pig and apple burger, which take a unique twist on traditional pub grub to add a bit of class and a touch of something...

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