Author: Andrew Griffiths

Gravity in Review

Acclaimed Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón takes his brand of hyper-realist human drama to space – but is it style over substance or has he successfully managed to transport his humanist storytelling to the realm of satellites and cosmonauts? From the opening sequence of the film, Gravity grabs your attention with all the power it can muster and doesn’t let go until the credits are rolling. Whether it’s the incredible shots of sunsets over the distant Earth or the constant barrage of action that hits you between the eyes like space debris, your eyes are fixed to the screen for every millisecond of the film’s running time. With dizzyingly realistic camerawork, this could be the closest thing to visiting space without putting your life in the hands of Richard Branson. However, the film offers so much more than just some pretty shots of space, as it maintains a touching narrative of the astronaut’s personal struggles that is sure to enthral even the sternest sci-fi sceptics. It is truly a tall task to make a film that takes place in a setting so far removed from our own lives, as space, relatable. However, this is one of the areas where Gravity succeeds and it does so spectacularly. Perhaps it is Clooney’s dry witticism in his anecdotes about his adulterous wife and a trip to Mardi Gras in 1987 or maybe it is Sandra...

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Chocolate-Coated Food Slam in Review

Chocoholics were treated to a night totally dedicated to their favourite vice at Camp and Furnace. But the question remains, was it worth the trip? Right in time for international chocolate week, which started on 14th October, Camp and Furnace hosted a special chocolate coated food-slam on Friday the 18th. The event was a celebration of the finest chocolate in all its forms, whether food or drink, with the Grand Garden Stall boasting chocolate-themed eats that were as unique as they were delicious. The sticky pigeon breast with chocolate covered bacon, blackberries and Divine Chocolate & coffee espuma mousse was an early favourite to be the culinary highlight of the evening, though the steak and chorizo meatball sub with spinach and parmesan and the sea bass with samphire, sea aster and pickled girolles were both still very much in contention. However, it was the dark horse known as Chicken Yakitori that well and truly stole the show. Accompanied by spinach, macadamia nuts, pickled ginger and miso dressing, this succulent grilled chicken skewer captured the perfect balance between sweetness and tang with its soy-based marinade and left all who tasted its wonder clambering for more. Not only was there tantalising food on offer, there were also plenty of chocolate cocktails, or choctails, to wash down the delicious pigeon breast. Drinks like a chocoholics take on a Manhattan, the Incan Manhattan,...

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Go Forth and Food Slam

As a student, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending every Friday night of term time (and most other nights of the week) navigating your way around Concert Square, searching for your next fix of dance-worthy beats, only deviating from this tried and tested formula for the occasional Medication or Circus. However, if you are willing to look a bit further afield then there are some really exciting alternatives to a night spent stumbling through Concert Square in a drunken stupor. Nights like Food Slam Fridays at Camp and Furnace. Camp and Furnace is a huge warehouse on Greenland Street, which is near Liverpool Cathedral but a bit further towards the docks. From the moment you walk in and see that caravans are being used as decorative items, you know that this is not going to be an ordinary night. Everything about the night is a bit quirky and unique: from the obscure playlist blasting out from the neon light-covered sound system to the ping-pong table situated in the middle of the warehouse to the wood-burning fireplace across from the bar and the market-like stalls where vendors sell street food more suited to the world’s most exciting, continental food markets than a warehouse in Liverpool. This street food is definitely the highlight of the night, featuring dishes that are equally as unique as they are tantalising, like...

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