Author: Andrew Tindall

Iain Duncan Smith and the Meme-ification of Politics

This week, Iain Duncan Smith made an offhand remark claiming he could live on £53 a week – the level of income some will find themselves receiving following his recent housing benefit cuts. Little did he know that a brief quip fed to a Radio 4 journalist would turn around and bite. Naturally, this caused outcry. Within hours, an online petition was set up to hold him accountable to a 97% reduction in his current income of £1,581.02 a week. The blend of ironic justice and a much maligned political figure was too tempting for the neck-beards of the internet, and the petition...

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Baka Gaijin: All Downhill From Here.

It’s been said that if God had intended Texans to ski he would’ve given them mountains. Well, the kami in their infinite wisdom have shown no such restraint with Japan and have bestowed it with some frustratingly rugged terrain. It was not long ago that I feared mountains for their precarious passes on route to the top. Imagine my surprise to find myself standing there, strapped to two chronically over-engineered planks, facing down at the pure white snow of the ski slope before me. —–  —– —– In the wastelands of middle class culture, where the only way-markers are the shallow graves...

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Baka Gaijin – Guys, Can We All Stop Being So Damned Racist???

So, I’m riding the train through the suburbs of Tokyo when we pull up at a station. The blast of cold morning air as the doors slide open makes me wish I still had a ¥100 can of coffee. Blank faces shuffle on and off the train, leaving just one commuter standing. I snatch a furtive glance at his reflection in the foggy glass. He’s looking right at me and the empty seat to my side, the only one on the train. His eyes focus on my skin colour, widening to bare the whites as his nostrils flare. Surely he won’t...

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Six Nations Round Up: Week 2

It’s hard to draw conclusions from the opening week of any Six Nations championship. One game does not make a form-book. Crushing defeats are written off as flukes and cobweb shaking, whilst victories are marred by the fear that they’ll peter out. Only once there are a few matches in the bag can we really start to flesh out the shape of the competition. After the weekend’s games, it’s turning out to be an unusual if not particularly attractive beast. Scotland v Italy (34 – 10) The Scotland-Italy match is regularly a highlight in both team’s tournaments. The snide...

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Five films you should see this week: Valentine’s Special, part 1

As Valentine’s day approaches, the same questions are being asked all over the country: What should I buy my significant other? What restaurant should I pick? What if I can’t find a date and have to go to go out to a depressing themed party? What if I never find someone and end up dying alone with 20 cats and my corpse only gets discovered because of the incessant mewing? I, however, look forwards to Valentine’s day with relish. Whilst I may not quite be Casanova reborn, I welcome any opportunity to obsess over films. I am probably the only person for whom, at...

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