Author: Angus Coogan

Top five student motors

Whether it be your pride and joy, an extension of your unique personality or simply a way of getting from A to B, a car can say a lot about you. You may have your heart set on the latest Aston Martin or Lamborghini but unfortunately, the younger generation often have to prioritise price over style, here, I present to you my top 5 reasonably priced cars for students, just in time for when our biggest loans of the year start to roll in, on the 8th of April.   Number 1. Volkswagen Polo Mk.4 This sporty number is...

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The revival of supersonic travel?

Last summer I had an experience I’m sure many are familiar with. Arriving at the airport I discovered my flight was delayed. Indefinitely, with no explanation. As I sat in a dull terminal staring out at an even duller patch of asphalt where my plane should have been stood, I couldn’t help but think there must be more to air travel than this. It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that many others have wondered the same whilst stuck aboard planes which closer resemble games of human Tetris than cabins.   From 1976 to 2003, passengers were able to...

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