Author: Anna Scott

FEATURE: Climate Action at UoL (Part 1)

This feature was originally published in our 2018/19 print edition (March 29). THINK ABOUT THE PLANET JANET! Our University currently invests £11,812,131 in fossil fuels. This includes £3.8m in BP, £3.1m in Shell, and £2.2m in BHP Billiton. There has been no commitment to divestment. This is despite an ‘Environmental Policy Statement’ in which our Vice-Chancellor Janet Beer claims the university is dedicated to managing its operations in ways that are ‘environmentally sustainable’. This is clearly mouth service from our grossly overpaid VC, and behind her the University continues to profit from the destruction of the planet. In our...

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March 15th: Liverpool youth to join GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE

School children and students of Liverpool will be joining the internationally coordinated global strike for climate justice on March 15th. Refusing to attend class, these protesters will gather at 11am at St. George’s Hall before marching through the city centre towards Derby Square. The youth protesters have a clear message. Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s regular Friday strikes, they question the purpose of learning when climate change puts their future in jeopardy. The movement demand the government take serious climate action. As Thunberg recently said; “We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.” The UN has warned...

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£1000 Homeless Tax: Manchester Council accused of ‘social cleansing’

The labour-led Manchester Council have proposed a charge of £1000 to rough sleepers, deemed by the Liberal Democrats on 13th February as ‘social cleansing’. The suggested ‘public space protection order’ has been designed to target those refusing to move from doorways or pitching tents in the street. If the policy goes ahead, fines will also target those deemed to be begging aggressively on the streets of Manchester. The leader of the opposition, John Leech says; “Whilst this city experiences the worst homeless crisis in decades, rather than tackling the causes, Labour in Manchester is investing in fines, court orders and inane policies...

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Nelson Mandela’s daughter reminds us to ‘touch the heart of another’ in Liverpool Visit

A crowd gathered in Prince’s Park on the morning of 11th February to hear Dr Makaziwi ‘Maki’ Mandela and Tukwini Mandela bless the new monument to the renowned humanitarian icon, Nelson Mandela. On the 29-year anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison, the arrival of Dr. Maki and Tukwini, Mandela’s daughter and granddaughter, attracted a diverse group. Primary school children stood alongside journalists, as Mayor Joe Anderson greeted representatives of the local charity, Mandela8. Mandela8 and the Prince’s Park memorial Following the death of Nelson Mandela in 2013, the educational charity Mandela8 was formed to honour the legacy of Mandela...

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