Author: Anna Scott

8 Empowering Women You Should Know About

In light of International Women’s Day, here are 8 revolutionary, empowering and down-right incredible women who have continuously fought to improve the lives of others. Malala Yousafzai (1997 – present) To kick off the list let’s turn to 20-year old Malala Yousafzai. At the age of 11, when many of us were still dabbling in the world of make believe, Malala was writing for BBC Urdu. She described life in Pakistan under Taliban occupation, which caught the attention of the New York Times. Sadly her activism also put her on the radar of the Taliban, leading to her attempted assassination...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Lucy Pilling

Meet SO candidate Lucy Pilling, a fourth year student studying for her History MA. “You should vote for Lucy to Lead as Guild President because I have been an activist on campus for four years, involving myself in multiple affecting change societies and as president of the Feminist Society. Being a volunteer and full-time student is limiting, so the officer position would allow me to take my activism further. Women’s representation in the Guild is vital after a year of an all male officer team and so I will promote the liberation of marginalised students, through supporting students academically,...

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How YOU can help the homeless

Following the recent death of a homeless man outside the entrance to parliament, how can we as students help rough sleepers here in Liverpool? Help the homeless society president, Lily Nathan tells us how we can get involved and about the upcoming event Raise the Roof.

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