Author: Anna Scott

November 24th – National SolidariTee Day!

You may notice a number of students sporting the bright and brilliant SolidariTee shirts around campus this week, in support of refugees in Turkey and Greece. If you have been living under a rock, in the library, or in a permanent state of being hungover, you may have missed the message of the SolidariTee campaign – until now! National SolidariTee day falls on November 24th to raise money in order to provide legal aid and representation for refugees in Greece and Turkey. SolidariTee was founded last year by Tiara Ataii, a student at Cambridge University. Just one year later and the campaign has spread to 11 universities around the UK. Students can buy a T-shirt for £10, all of which goes directly to the refugees. It is a perfect way to know that your charity donation is making a tangible difference. Anyone who has bought a T-shirt is strongly encouraged to wear it on November 24th  in solidarity with the cause. This year’s T shirts have a special red design on the front. While Tiara was working as an interpreter for Advocates Abroad, she met an Afghan man who had been tortured by the Taliban. To help his asylum case, he needed to draw a map to show where this terrible act of torture had taken place. His map became the basis for this year’s SolidariTee shirt and is presented on...

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Let’s Make Gender X The New ‘Ms’

In the dim and distant days of 1972, the UK government approved the use of ‘Ms’ as a female title on official documents: a victory for women everywhere, it was no longer necessary for a title to define your marital status. And yet, some 40 years later, the British government still refuses to acknowledge the need for a non-traditional gender option. Is it truly relevant for a person to declare their gender on a passport? Is it acceptable to force someone, someone who doesn’t define themselves as male or female, to make a choice? I would place myself firmly in...

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