Author: Anna Cykowska

Human Challenge Models: will people be the guinea pigs of the future?

It is estimated that more than 115 million animals are used for research purposes worldwide every year. Animal disease models have historically played a critical role in drug development, clinical trials, pathophysiology and many other disciplines of biology and medicine. Animal models aim to resemble human conditions in terms of individual characteristics or response to treatment, and can exist naturally or be induced artificially. Out of 106 Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine, 94 were awarded for research on animal models. While animals have played their role in making the world a better place, the current pace of scientific progress...

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In depth: Zika virus and the threat it poses

Mosquitoes strike back! Anybody spending a reasonable amount of time on the internet will have seen stories about Zika virus flooding the news. Until recently, mosquitoes were globally associated with malaria, but with Zika infections exceeding 2 million cases worldwide, mosquitoes secured their place in the media hall of infamy once again. Considering the current rate of spread of Zika virus and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, it has become an international problem that continues to feature in the news and in many scientific journals.   This article was inspired by an amazing SciBar talk delivered by...

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