Author: Anna Jones

Closer: A Review

Sex, expletives, controversy, passionate affairs – and all this before I had turned on to Hope Street. Starting as, I very much hope, this new theatre means to go on, Adam McCoy’s Closer is barefaced and brazen; reckless, raw – and all too real. Originally written by Patrick Marber over twenty years ago, McCoy revitalised the story to incorporate contemporary concerns. The audience undertakes an intensive scrutiny of two London couples as they embark on a four-year-long game of partner swap. Boy meets girl, another boy meets another girl; original girl meets latter boy, latter girl meets original boy....

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Why I Quit Social Media.

(Featured Image Credit: My alarm would chime at 7am. My eyelids flipped open; my hand was already tightly closed around my rectangular life-support, it’s luminous light ready to permeate my eyes and deliver its essential fix. I frantically flipped from app to app, desperate to absorb any information I had missed in the past eight hours of sleep-induced ignorance. I couldn’t even tuck into my bran flakes without first ferociously scrolling through my Instagram feed, scanning every detail of the group chat, sweeping through Facebook in all its pointlessness – liking, commenting, liking comments, commenting on photos I had...

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