Author: Annie Driver

Victory for University of Liverpool Mens Gaelic Football Club

A key fixture in the BUCS Gaelic Football North West League is the Liverpool John Moores and University of Liverpool derby.  With UoL being undefeated and LJMU only having lost to Hope, there was a lot was hanging on this game for both teams. UoL have never previously managed to beat JMU, therefore, when I went out to write a match report, I naively thought history would repeat itself again this year.  However, as soon as I arrived to both teams warming up, I was under the impression that no stone would be left unturned this year.  Michael Sweeney...

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The Rise of the FitBit

I remember in a PE lesson being shown how to find our pulse to measure our heart rate.  Our teacher showed us how to find it and despite some of my classmates claiming they did not have one, the sports hall eventually fell silent as we counted the number of beats per minute with childlike curiosity.  When the minute was up, my classmates started shouting out various numbers: “I got ten miss!”, “Thirty seven!”, “I’m the winner I got over one hundred!”.  Our teacher proceeded to take us for a warm up, and after running around like headless chickens for...

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