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Bierkeller announce local coffee partnership

The Bavarian themed Bierkeller in Liverpool One is widely known for its large range of beers.  Now, in partnership with local firm Joe Black Coffee, the chain is expanding to ride the wave of demand for specialist coffee. Spend enough time in Liverpool city centre and you will no doubt see one of Joe Black Coffee’s vans.  The company, based in Bootle and Liverpool, are specialists in roasting and delivering beans.  With over 1000 permutations, the company provides more choice of product for their mainly commercial clients.   Supplies can be tailored to the business’ produce, in Bierkeller’s case complimenting their selection of beer when the range launches the 1st of November. This is part of a larger trend of specialist coffee being more readily available in the city.  Coffee may be hard to avoid in a modern high street, but until recently has been dominated by a few select brands. The recent rise of small local coffee shops has become a norm, helped after the backlash over Starbucks’ tax practises. Liverpool venues such as Bold Street Coffee or Moose Coffee are aimed at this market.  But this trend is no longer limited to premises who focus on coffee.  Companies such as Joe Black or Bean Coffee aim to expand this product type to venues where coffee is not a focus such as restaurants and...

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Cheap Rugby League World Cup Tickets still available

The Rugby League World Cup starts this Saturday and discount tickets are still available.  Three local stadiums are amongst the British, Irish and French venues selected to host ties. In addition to student discounts, buy one get one half price deals are available for consecutive games at the same venue.  This means two standing tickets can be as cheap as £15.  Indeed over half of tickets for the whole tournament cost £20 or less.  Few instances of world class sport are available at such a price. Locally on Sunday, Warrington hosts reigning champions New Zealand in their opening group game against Samoa.  The same ground hosts a quarter final on the 17th November.  Slightly further away from Liverpool, Leigh host Tonga and the Cook Islands on Bonfire night followed by another quarter final at rugby league stronghold Wigan.  Tickets are available from local box offices or online via the official website. Officials are hoping the tournament will ride the wave of enthusiasm for large sporting events in the UK.  Rugby league traditionally holds sway in isolated pockets in both hemispheres.  In the UK attention is predominately centred on Lancashire and Yorkshire.  In addition these areas, the tournament is branching out to traditionally Union areas such as Wales, the South of England and Ireland.  Don’t let the low profile of the sport fool you, the atmosphere at games is passionate...

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Newcastle United Spur £20 or less away ticket scheme

A long trip to an away game in January is enough to put off all but the most foolhardy fans.  Midweek matches are especially difficult, usually involving time off work or a gruelling shift after sporadic sleep on a coach. To compound this, some travelling fans are being charged more the corresponding home-end tickets. Newcastle United, whose fans will be charged £35 for one such Tuesday night in January, a 510 mile round trip to Norwich, want to put an end to this. The club has bartered partnerships with Hull City, Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion to guarantee low away costs. More clubs are  encouraging other clubs to join in, unfortunately Norwich City are amongst the clubs to have declined. Last January, the Football Supporter’s Federation launched their Twenty’s Plenty campaign for a nationwide upper price limit. The Federation believes away fans are vital to the atmosphere of English football, but the increasing costs of travelling and tickets are keeping fans at home.   FSF’s chief executive Kevin Miles called the announcement a “significant breakthrough in turning the concept of affordable prices for away fans into a reality. We would urge all other Premier League clubs to follow the lead of these clubs, both by taking up this offer and extending similar arrangements to other fixtures too” (Football Supporter’s Federation website). An average away trip for Newcastle fans...

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