Author: Chris Worrall

Worrall’s Reel Review – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013)

[3_stars] The transition from television to the big screen is not always an easy or successful one. For every In The Loop, there also (sadly) is a Keith Lemon: The Film.  With this film, therefore, you can understand a certain level of apprehension; Alan Partridge is one of the most popular and respected creations in modern British television and to ruin him in his cinematic debut would have been a bitter blow. Thankfully, despite some flaws, Alpha Papa is an enjoyable watch. Essentially, the film is a hostage comedy. North Norfolk Digital is placed under siege by a disgruntled colleague of...

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Worrall’s Reel Review – The World’s End (2013)

[3_stars] As the last in the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, The World’s End had a lot to live up to. With Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz Wright, Pegg and Frost created two of the funniest and most entertaining British comedies (heck, any comedies) in recent history. The demand was high for this third and final instalment and, while not reaching the same incredibly high standards of the first two, it ultimately did not disappoint. Initially beginning as a comedy based on a group of friends reuniting to complete an epic pub crawl from their youth, the film then becomes a mock sci-fi apocalypse adventure...

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Worrall’s Reel Review – Pacific Rim (2013)

[4_stars] Massive robots beating the hell out of massive monsters (and vice-versa) sounds, depending on personal taste of course, like a pretty good starting point for any massive action blockbuster. Sadly, as Michael Bay and others have proven, it is possible to make this exciting premise into nothing more than a bloated, badly-shot mess that depresses rather than excites. Just having big things hitting each other isn’t enough. While it does need to be loud and crashing, it also needs to have a sense of wonder, a degree of intelligence and – most importantly – it has to be feel fun. Pacific...

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Worrall’s TV Movie Review – McCullin (2012)

[4_stars] Apparently, more photographs have been taken in the last twelve months than in the rest of human history put together. Everywhere we go and everything we do we want to capture on film. We watch concerts, graduations and holidays through the sights of cameras as much as with our own eyes. While not itself necessarily a bad thing, it has made photography out to be something that is no longer artistic or important. What this film does, beyond being a harrowing and brilliant watch, is show how powerful, chilling and revealing a photograph can be. McCullin, as the title...

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Worrall’s Reel Review – Despicable Me 2 (2013)

[4_stars] It appears that summertime at the cinema is the time of sequels and prequels. If a film is successful, it is almost inevitable that some form of franchise continuation will follow fast on its heels. The reason for this is so often monetary, and far too often it does feel when watching particular sequels that it has come into existence mainly (or solely) because the money behind it says it should; they are devoid of any spirit or real enjoyment. Therefore, there can be a particularly satisfying feeling when a sequel manages to outdo its predecessor. Such a feeling is strong when watching Despicable Me 2....

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