Author: Charlotte Jayne Evans

The School of Architecture presents: The Degree Show 2019

The Degree Show for the School of Architecture is rapidly approaching, and with so much hard work having been put into reaching this final presentation, it is only right to shine a light on what this year’s cohort have achieved. Three years ago, I embarked on one of the most difficult courses of study that I will undertake in my life. Sitting down in the Budden Lecture Theatre for the first time I had no idea that I would be working as hard and for as long as I, and the rest of the school, have. Architecture is known...

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Favourite Enid Blyton Stories is my new favourite

My childhood was filled with books by many an author; Jaqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo and Enid Blyton to name a few. So, when I saw that a collection of Enid Blyton stories was being compiled by a number of authors and celebrities, the ten year old in me was literally jumping with excitement. It is rare that we get time, as university students, to read a book that isn’t for research or just a compulsory read, so having a book in such short sections is perfect for that break. Reading before bed is proven to help you get a...

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Top five student motors

Whether it be your pride and joy, an extension of your unique personality or simply a way of getting from A to B, a car can say a lot about you. You may have your heart set on the latest Aston Martin or Lamborghini but unfortunately, the younger generation often have to prioritise price over style, here, I present to you my top 5 reasonably priced cars for students, just in time for when our biggest loans of the year start to roll in, on the 8th of April.   Number 1. Volkswagen Polo Mk.4 This sporty number is...

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“Wild, Wondrous and worth fighting for!”- Steve Backshall

So it ended. The live specials of Blue Planet came to an end on Sunday, and my gosh, it was worth the hype. We had four live hour-long episodes, seeing Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall covering all corners of the world. Chris was on the lookout for the phenomenal masses of whales: Humpback, Blue and Great. Liz was exploring the coral reef in Australian waters, looking for coral and birds of the seas (Noddy Terns and Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters) and releasing hatchling green turtles into the deep blue (we will come back to *that* incident), and Steve was...

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Christie Cup is off to a Korf-tastic start

The Christie Cup is underway, and was kickstarted by the Korfball team on Wednesday. There are competitions between the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds across all sports, from Ultimate Frisbee to Men’s and Women’s rugby. Korfball is a little-known sport across campus, yet, it is steadily growing with a squad of over 60 members this year. The teams are made up of four boys and four girls, all playing together to score in the ‘korf’ basket. Having been set up only three years ago, the squad comes together from all corners of the University, with Medics, Linguists, Architects...

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