Author: Charlotte Jayne Evans

Celebrating Women in Science

In our ever-changing world, women’s role in society continues to remain in a progressive state. It has been a battle for decades, but as this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Suffragette success, and so coinciding with International Women’s Day (8th of March), it is obviously as perfect as any other time to take a look back at just two of many successful women throughout a specific area in history. As an annual event, International Women’s Day celebrates women and all they are. With an emphasis for 2018 on the hashtag ‘#PressforProgress’, the IWD continues to focus on...

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Interfaith week in Liverpool

Interfaith week is upon us again, with it beginning at the start of this week, Monday 13th November and we are how half way through. Reading the previous articles, events and posts on the Guild’s website, it has survived the test of time as being one of the most important weeks in the academic calendar. Living in Liverpool can be an experience, that is guaranteed, especially for those of us who have grown up elsewhere. Being declared the ‘European City of Culture’ in 2008 was certainly deserved, as it continues to maintain its multicultural diversity. Although there is a...

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The artist’s world

From the artists perspective, is a viewpoint that is rarely explored. Reviews are done, but what about what the artist sees and feels? At the start of October, I was lucky enough to play a set at Kelly’s Dispensary, a bar on Smithdown Road. It was my second gig in the small Irish bar, and with a very relaxed vibe, it was a fun experience to share with those there, including family who had travelled up to support. It can be one of the most daunting experiences in a performers’ career, to put your own music out there, allowing...

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Cass Art; The artist’s heaven

Cass Art. Maybe you know it, maybe you don’t? Either way, you will most certainly want to! The Cass Art brand was initially founded in 1984, and has been growing ever since. Beginning as a small business in London, there are now stores across the UK, including Liverpool. Tucked away behind Liverpool One, the Cass Art shop is situated next to the Bluecoat Gallery; perfectly positioned for some artistic inspiration! Working for artists, this is an art shop like no other. Based at each store, there are Student Ambassadors who study art subjects and staff members who all have art experience....

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Introducing the new Campus Support Service

Campus Security plays a massive role in the everyday functioning of our University campus, but the system is changing and Campus Security will now become the Campus Support Services. With a new name, new uniform, new approach, and new role, this vital service is certainly one to remember. It is their job to ensure the safety and confidence of all students at the University of Liverpool, and this year, they are more determined than ever to be of service.  Offering a phone call for reassurance, advice, or even a chaperoning service, this team is definitely one to have in your contacts...

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