Author: Charlotte Jayne Evans

We Strike for Change, for Climate Change

Last Friday, 15th March, we witnessed the biggest climate change strike yet. With 100 countries seeing their students walk out of schools, including 60 towns and cities in the UK, students across the globe stood up for their future, hoping that the politicians and world leaders would take notice. The actions of the industry giants have rapidly been depleting the earth’s natural resources, as well as the ozone layer. We all know the impacts of greenhouse gases and how we should recycle some plastic, but there needs to be more than that if we have any chance of slowing...

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Inspiration ‘STEM’s from women

Women are underestimated. This is known. We are. There are so many strong, intelligent and brave women yet, we are seen for our aesthetic and how well we can fit in the box that generations past have created for our ‘comfort’.  I say no to this, and so do these women. Here are five of the women who inspire me to reject stereotypes and pursue whichever career I want, every single day. Let yourself be inspired, female or male; these are individuals that deserve the respect they have earnt. Sheryl Sandberg The Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Facebook; graduating...

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Liverpool’s NHS trusts lead the way in genetic testing

Just over a week ago, BBC Two’s ‘Hospital’ shone  a light on the use of genetic testing to find out more information about the DNA of cancer patient’s tumours. We saw baby Jaxon be tested to explore other avenues for treatments, rather than intrusive surgery. The young boy was being treated in one of thirteen centres that has been set up by the NHS, to focus on developing ‘understanding of the genetic causes of cancer and rare diseases’, with Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust leading the way, with support from other regional hospitals and centres. In a press release,...

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Beware of the Highlighter!

Exam season is well under way, and the majority of us are either glued to a desk, taking over the living room and dining room table, or trekking to and from the library, without seeing so much as a glimmer of daylight! Whatever we have claimed as our revision space, we can almost guarantee that there will be that one piece of equipment that we can never be without: the humble highlighter. It’s so tempting to reach for that print out of lecture slide notes and your favourite highlighter pen to start adding colour to your grayscale, dull looking...

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Hoping For A Giant Killing

Liverpool fans are making the one hour train journey down to Wolverhampton this evening to see our barmy army face this year’s title contenders, and what are we hoping for? A show of determination, fight and nothing short of an upset worthy of Gary Lineker parading around the BBC 1 studios in his boxers. It is true, we are the underdogs, as we always are. We are a team that nobody takes that seriously because we come from a city with a strange accent. Our stadium is an unfinished custard bowl sat on an island opposite an ASDA. We...

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