Author: Charlotte Jayne Evans

Best Black Friday tech deals to look out for

The highly anticipated Black Friday sale is less than two weeks away. With some of the best deals of the year up for grabs, here are our top picks for 2018:   Amazon is starting early, with their sale beginning on the 16th November and running until the 25th. Many of their tech products will be largely discounted. However, these offers are expected to change and update every 5 minutes, so you must know what you want so you can bag that bargain! Look out for: Nintendo Switch (and games) Echo Plus 1st generation Bundle (includes: Woox Smart Plug,...

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Hangover? Not with these top tips!

Halloween is one of the biggest, boldest, loudest, most drink fuelled nights of the student year. The costumes are unruly, the crowds even more so. The drinks could amount to more than the water in the river Mersey. But it’s fun, right? The night is amazing, the morning after? Not so much. Here are our top tips for battling that hangover, according to science: Food food food!   Soak up that alcohol the night before. There is nothing worse than drinking on an empty stomach and the alcohol you consume will make you dehydrated, so grab those fries, that pizza...

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Animal testing – animal abuse that is legal

As a vegan, I am staunchly opposed to the mistreatment of animals in any situation; a pet owner who abandons their pet; a poacher who murders an animal for its fur or ivory; a farmer who steals a mother’s baby only hours after its birth. It sounds simple when written down, but this is the world that we live in. These are the actions of those large companies who boast wealth and popularity, and the companies who pay for thousands of animals to be experimented upon; these large companies, who are the role models in industry, should not be...

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Science, Engineering and Technology Careers Fair Returns for 2018

This week, on the 18th of October, one of the most successful careers fairs is coming back to Liverpool. The Science, Engineering and Technology Fair will welcome exhibitors from all sectors of the industry, offering placements, work experience, graduate jobs and a wealth of advice and knowledge for students at all stages of their degrees. In recent years, this sector specific event has been one of the largest in the country and has attracted people from all across the UK. With a huge variety of stall exhibitions and thousands of attendees the fair is one of the most successful...

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Campus Security offer their services to keep you safe at night

Being on campus late at night is often inevitable for many students, but what happens when it’s dark and you’re on your own? When you’ve got to walk back home on your own, and you’re not sure of your way in the dark? What happens when you worry someone might be following you? You could have to pay out for a taxi, and still not feel entirely safe. But there is an easy way to combat that sense of anxiety: contact campus security. Last year, Campus Security got an update and introduced a chaperone service, for any students who feel...

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