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Richard Bentall: ‘Mental health is in the world’

On Tuesday 28th February, clinical psychologist and University of Liverpool lecturer Richard Bentall led a talk on mental health. Bentall focused on the implications for students, the factors leading to mental illness, and his beliefs based on research conducted over the past 10 years. Although Bentall’s interest lies mainly in what are considered “extreme” mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar, Bentall discussed the idea that mental health does, in fact, “exist in the world” rather than the individual. Rejecting the longstanding ideas that have been fundamental in the understanding and diagnosis of mental illnesses, Bentall suggested that evidence...

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The Silent Majority: My life as a Vegan

Veganism. What is it, you may say? I imagine your mind instantaneously filled with a thousand and one preconceptions and conjured up images of a woman wearing a tie-dye t-shirt waving a placard frantically with ‘meat is murder’ on it. Or, someone who derives pleasure from condemning meat eaters with a Nazi-esque fervour. Well, you may not be far wrong! With Thanksgiving having just passed, and festivities on the horizon, is it not the perfect time to raise people’s awareness and awaken people’s consciences and truly question if compassion exists in the world? As you sit down with your...

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‘Public View’ Exhibition – The Bluecoat

The most recent exhibition at the Bluecoat Gallery, “Public View” showcases over a hundred artists; previously featured during the gallery’s many displays, as an ode to celebrate and commemorate its 300th anniversary this year. “Public View” emphasises the key role that the Bluecoat has played in the world of the arts and the progress and nurturing of many artist’s careers, locally and internationally; along with its own surprising history, from its original roots as a boy’s orphanage, to the gallery that it is today. On display, a hugely diverse collection presents the success and failures in the world, in...

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Femsoc’s healing session is what’s needed after Trump’s election victory

In the light of the American Presidential Election result, people are shocked; horrified, even. The world is in utter disbelief at this result. An inexperienced, openly racist businessman, with multiple sexual assault allegations, now has control of the most powerful and influential country in the modern world. What is going on? For many minority groups, their fears surrounding Trump are entirely justified. His campaign was fuelled by racism, aggression, narrow-mindedness and a promise to restore a ‘greatness’ that America has supposedly ‘lost’. Sound familiar? The promise to eliminate and isolate areas of an ever-growing multicultural society only places these...

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Liverpool Literary Festival: Bel Mooney and Sir Jonathan Bate on the marvel Ted Hughes

The Liverpool Literary Festival took place from the 28th to the 30th October, putting on a variety of sessions and talks.  Although not free, they were far from extortionate in price,  and offered a great deal for those with an interest in the literary world. Saturday 29th October hosted multiple talks, of which ‘The Life of Ted Hughes with Sir Jonathan Bate and Bel Mooney’ was one. Mooney, an experienced journalist, and Bate, a highly respected writer, contributed to my high anticipation for this event! Discussing his new biography on Ted Hughes, Bate made sure to emphasise that his...

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