Author: Charlotte Jayne Evans

Feminism: a lost cause?

Feminism: man-haters, shouting out for women’s rights to live as they please; condemning those women who adhere to the quiet, subservient and unimportant outdated ‘roles’ that society deemed suitable; but, is that really what this movement stands for? I asked the middle-aged man, slumped in front of the TV, to define feminism, and what did he say? Unfortunately, something very similar to this; but that is not what ‘true’ feminism stands for. His comments are simply a manifestation of fear of the power that the word ‘feminism’ now possesses. Feminism is not a violation of the opportunities and rights of...

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Tracey Emin and William Blake In Focus: Tate Liverpool – Review

The Tate gallery is one of those places that you hear about regularly, but may not have actually ever been to. Why? Perhaps you have just never had the time, or the energy, or the real desire to walk around a gallery. After all, museums and galleries were the dullest trips at school, right? However, the Tate is different – first and foremost it is a free gallery (something any student can appreciate the value of) and it showcases a vast variety of artists, old and new, subjectively good and bad, ensuring that it always has something interesting to...

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