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Wirral Council leader to stand down

Wirral Council leader, Phil Davies, has decided to retire from politics and will stand down in 2019. He is the latest councillor to resign after a reported Momentum ‘take-over’ in the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party. Momentum are supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and the reported ‘take-over’ comes following Labour’s performance in the 2017 general election. Critics are sceptical of the far-left group who are attempting to try and de-select MPs who may not be loyal to Corbyn, although Momentum claim they are trying to bring the party closer to its members. Within Wirral council, deputy leader George...

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England Lions roar in defeat

Dr. Seuss, famously, said: don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Tears undoubtedly flowed across the nation following England’s agonising 2-1 World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia. This was despite the fact that 23 Lions made the nation dream and fall in love with the England team. 23 Lions swept those who are not really arsed about the success or failings of the England team on a journey and re-kindled pride in a national team bereft of success. They unified the country at a time of need, especially after the mess Theresa May and her cronies are...

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A Bloody Mess: Brexit Two Years On

June 23rd was described in an interview by one of my university professors as a ‘day of infamy, if not consummate stupidity‘. Rather than consummate stupidity, Brexit should have been an opportunity, but has rather turned into a missed opportunity due to Theresa May and her incompetent cronies. Rather fortuitously, the entire second half of my A-Level politics course focused on the EU such as specific policy frameworks, in particular, the Common Agricultural and Common Fisheries Policy; the UK’s relationship with the EU, EU institutions such as the Parliament, Commission, Council and Court of Justice as well as technical...

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Further strikes anticipated as UCU members reject ACAS proposal

Further strikes are expected to occur following the decision of the Universities College Union (UCU) Higher Education Committee (HEC) to reject the settlement devised by UCU and Universities UK. An agreement on both sides was reached on Monday under ACAS, a mediating body. The agreement package was classified as a defined benefit arrangement which would commence from April 1st, 2019 for a period of three years. A defined benefit pension scheme is where the amount members are paid is based on the salary and the number of years worked with the employer. The most notable features of this package...

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Italian Elections: The Fallout

On March 5th, Europe awoke to the fallout of the legislative elections in Italy. It was a night which saw a general degree of continuity when comparing to recent European elections. Fresh from pummelling’s in France, Germany and the Netherlands, social democracy was on the end of another blow with Matteo Renzi’s Social Democrats being punished at the polls. Although the Social Democrats were the second largest party with almost 19% of the vote, it was a change of minus 6.5% compared to their performance in the 2013 legislative elections. Italian politics features a system of alliances: centre-right, centre-left...

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