Author: Chris Bradford

Why a Conservative-DUP alliance would be disastrous

As a consequence of the hung Parliament following the snap general election, the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party are locked in negotiations regarding a “confidence and supply agreement”. If this was to come to fruition, the ten DUP MPs would support the government in motions of confidence and would ensure a Queen’s Speech and a budget would be passed. An intense amount of scepticism exists towards any form of alliance, especially an alliance with the DUP. It would be an act of political self-harm to forge an alliance with an organisation with the social views of the DUP,...

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What does the general election result mean for Brexit?

Theresa May’s motive of calling a snap election has significantly backfired. The purpose of the election was to increase the slender Conservative majority of 2015, allowing the UK’s hand to be strengthened in the challenging Brexit negotiations – negotiations which start in very soon. As a consequence of the hung Parliament, Brexit has become even more complex and even the direction of Brexit has been plunged into uncertainty. A confidence and supply agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will ensure the Conservatives will form a minority government. The DUP was branded the most Eurosceptic party in the UK...

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General Election 2017: what’s in the manifestos?

On the eve of polling day, most will have made up their minds – siding with “strong and stable” Conservatives, Labour, “for the many, not the few”, or other parties who better represent their views. But what are the parties actually promising? With youth voter turnout at record lows, here’s one to help the undecided contingent. Brexit Conservatives: Withdrawal from the single market is at the crux of the Tories Brexit plan. For the third successive campaign, the Conservatives advocate to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands from the current level of 248,000. Brexit Secretary, David...

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Why Impeaching President Trump May Not Be So Smart

Donald Trump and controversy are inseparable. Trump’s latest controversial case emerged when he fired the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey. Following his termination, Comey released a memo to The New York Times, accusing the President of obstructing justice; because the President ordered an investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn to be closed. Flynn’s investigation concerned the President’s uncomfortably close links with Russia. It is a significant incident since the prospect of enacting the 25th Amendment (impeachment) has become greater than a prospect. Yet, it will only be achieved should a third...

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For Fox Sake!

Reintroducing fox-hunting and repealing the 2004 Hunting Ban is simply not necessary. Surely the animal welfare case must outweigh any endorsement: it is an issue that ought to dispel any counter-argument. From a political perspective, it is an own goal for the Tories – it only appeases the most archetypal and retrograde MPs such as Jacob Rees-Mogg – people who are completely detached from the electorate. It would alienate rather than attract more potential and existing voters, and it would send the Prime Minister’s already precarious approval ratings tumbling. Fox hunting is endorsed by individuals without a sense of moral...

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